The U.S. Agriculture Department is asking people not to move firewood.

They say America’s forests are under attack by the emerald ash borer.

At the Sodom Mountain Campgrounds in Southwick, Mass., they are taking precautions about people bringing in outside firewood, Jeremy Ackerman told WGGB-TV, Springfield.

”The basic policy is that we don’t want anybody bringing in wood from anywhere out of the state. We do sell wood and it’s good to keep the wood in here because it’s not infected by the beetle bug and anybody outside the state we don’t know,” says Ackerman.

The ash borer has devastated forests across the Midwest.

The bug was recently found in four towns near New Haven, Conn.

It was also discovered in Rhinecliff, N.Y., about 25 miles from the Massachusetts and Connecticut borders.

Campers like Kevin Bullard at the Sodom Mountain Campground are OK with the restrictions on bringing in your own firewood.

”I think it’s an excellent policy that the campgrounds provide the wood themselves and make sure the trees are preserved and no insects come in. I think that’s very good,” says Bullard.

There is plenty of packaged firewood for sale at the campground.

They also have firewood from their own property.