Plugging into renewable energy is a challenge for many of us. Despite the rapidly falling cost of solar panels, there are many green-minded folks who don’t own a roof to install them on. Wind energy is an option in lots of areas, but a similar problem exists if you don’t own the land on which to install a hefty wind turbine generator.

Janulus, a company based in Minnesota, has been working on portable wind turbine options, and they’ve just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for four new models of easy-to-use, smartly designed generators of renewable energy.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign just launched this morning and they have already raised over $43,000 of their $50,000 goal. Many of the backers so far are snagging early bird deals on one of the four different models the Trinity portable wind turbine comes in: 50, 400, 1,000 and 2,500 watts.

The turbines rely on 7,500 to 300,000 mAh Li-ion batteries, depending on the model, which are the same types of batteries used in electric cars. The smallest of the wind turbines weighs only from 1.4 pounds, making it truly portable in every sense of the word. Even the largest option still fits in the trunk of a car.

The turbines are also equipped with two different blade styles, so the user can customize the setup to take advantage of both high and low wind conditions.

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