Glamping AmericasThe inaugural edition of the Glamping Business Americas is now available. 

The new magazine is being published by The Glamping Show USA in partnership with the publisher of International Glamping Business magazine.

To read the first issue click here.

Glamping Business Americas will begin quarterly in 2021, with an initial circulation of more than 4,000, mostly in the U.S., but will also reach glamping businesses in Canada, Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

“Upgrade Publishing has been producing a high-quality print and digital trade magazine, International Glamping Business, for several years. Their expertise in the business, and the fact that they are a division of our UK partners who produce The Glamping Show, make them a perfect fit for our joint venture,” said David Korse, co-owner of The Glamping Show USA.

Editorially, the publication will give readers a look into what’s going on in the Americas.

“The glamping market is new and fast-growing in this region, therefore there’s a lot that everyone can learn about this exciting business. We hope to educate, inspire and help foster that sense of community that we can already see forming,” said Steph Curtis-Raleigh, publisher and editor. “We identified that our U.S. readership wanted their own title but we needed partners based in the region who could help us to take this publication forward.”