The Tahoe

The world’s first Class C zero emission motorhome solely powered by electricity produced from life source rare earth lithium-ion batteries was unveiled today (Nov. 29) at the 49th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

MVP RV Inc., Riverside, Calif.,  is showing the E Tahoe in Booth No. 3220 at the show.

The company is making a statement in the RV industry, as it was the first company in the world to introduce an all-electric Class A motorhome at the EVS 25 Show in Shenzhen, China, late in 2010.

MVP RV President and CEO Brad Williams said that the energy-efficient, all-electric drive vehicles produced by the company will help the environment by having zero emissions, no carbon footprints and low noise, among many other environmentally friendly characteristics.

The pre-production E Tahoe is fitted with a drive train, charger and battery system developed by Harbor City, Calif.-based Balqon Corp., a leading developer and manufacturer of zero emission heavy-duty electric trucks, lithium battery packs and electric vehicle drive systems.

The company expects that the production models will feature higher capacity batteries that will dramatically increase the range between charges and also reduce charging time.

For more information about MVP RV’s products, visit www.mvprv.com.