The cover of a new book by Gary Fisher on park models.

Gary Fisher, a certified park operator (CPO), has just published another book for the RV park and campground sector.

Titled “How to Own A Second Home on a Small Budget,” the book is for the general public and can be used by parks to help market park model homes in their parks.

“It’s a quick read to inform more people about having a second home in an RV park, and a tool to get conversations started between parks and potential park guests,” Fisher states in a news release.

An earlier book was titled “Sorry, We’re Full” and explained how to fill an RV park and keep it filled year after year.


While serving as the general manager of an RV park, Fisher lived in a park model home. Having never even seen one before, he was impressed by its simplicity, easy lifestyle and affordability.

“When I tried to explain park models to people, even family and friends, who talked about getting away in a second home, my words never seemed enough. So I decided to write down my thoughts about park model homes in order to more easily share thoughts,” he said. They include:

  • What they look like.
  • That you can design your own.
  • How little they cost.
  • Where to get a good one at a great price.
  • Where to place it.

The book includes thoughts on the art of getting away and having a second home in an RV park.

Available Versions for RV Parks:

  • Paperback wholesale.
  • e-book – Free (PDF version of the book is available to parks at no charge by a simple e-mail request).
  • Customized – This version contains a park’s contact information. (PDF or Paperback).
  • Flip book – Parks can also request a free website version or link.
For more info and to request a copy, parks may contact Fisher at Fillthepark@aol.com. For retail, visit the book’s website: www.Getawaybook.org.

Fisher’s free monthly online magazine “Inside The Park” is a middle-of-the-month publication featuring tips and ideas on how to get more people to stay at an RV park. To review the current edition: Click Here