Florida Xmas Video The Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds and Alabama Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds have released a holiday greetings video featuring a few of its members.

“RV Parks in Florida and Alabama have had a pretty amazing year despite all the challenges, and the association and its members wanted to thank campers and industry colleagues for making 2020 a successful year, while keeping campers and staff safe,” said Bobby Cornwell, president and CEO of the two associations.

“We wanted to get our members involved in the message as opposed to just issuing a press release,” continued Cornwell, “we came up with the idea of asking our members to record themselves on their cell phones and send the videos over to us. We then had them stitched together. We had a great response from national operators like Sun RV Resorts and Cove Communities to some of our smaller, independent parks who all sent us fun videos with holiday messages, some are actually quite creative. As president and CEO of the associations, I couldn’t be more proud of the diversity of our campgrounds and the comradery they have all displayed.”

Florida and Alabama parks quickly adapted to new circumstances and implemented social distancing inside buildings and offered sanitizing stations and remote check-ins to assist in keeping guests and staff safe.

“We are lucky that Florida and Alabama state officials felt the camping industry is an essential business and trusted parks to keep campers and employees safe. We obviously couldn’t do it if the public didn’t feel we offered a safe environment for them to camp in, and they are the ones we want to thank for trusting us. As 2020 is coming to an end, we are surely looking forward to a new year and wanted to ensure campers that we will keep providing a safe and fun environment for them to camp in. I hope those who watch the video enjoy it. It was a lot of fun having campgrounds collaborate on this with us and putting it together,” concluded Cornwell.

For more information on the parks featured in the video and over 450 other members of the associations, please go to campflorida.com or campinalabama.com or contact the Florida and Alabama Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds at (850) 562-7151.

Based in Tallahassee, FL, the Florida and Alabama Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds is the trade association for Florida and Alabama’s privately owned RV parks and campgrounds. The association provides business services, advocacy, and promotion for the industry and its members. The association also publishes free printed camping guides for Florida and Alabama. The campground directories can be ordered by calling (850) 562-7151.