Fla. Development

The proposed layout of an RV park that was denied a zoning change. Image Submitted.

Murdock, Fla., Commissioners narrowly rejected a zone change request recently that would have benefited an RV park developer for land on Shell Creek near the Peace River.

The developer’s expert, however, told commissioners he believes the developer does not need their vote to build a park proposed with 105 upscale vehicles. The developer is RMDC Inc. The county’s legal department does not agree, said Assistant County Attorney Tom David.

The developer’s expert, Jason Green, agreed after the downvote to meet with county staff to debate whether the developer has the right to put in an RV park without any zone change.

The denial means the developer cannot increase the development of the 24.6-acre Riverside Drive site from low density residential to medium density — or more homes per acre.

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