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As he puts it, there’s simply nothing like this service, which costs $1,500 for campgrounds that want it. “There’s nothing else like it in any industry. A lot of guys are trying to do video, but we’re going to use it like a Google StreetView — but Google StreetView is a series of pictures, and this is video, full 4K. It re- ally is the difference between a picture and a video. It’s industry changing.” 805-341-3828 RockyTopLogFurnitureandRailing While Rocky Top Log Furniture and Railing, a Lancaster, Ky., company, is new to campgrounds, it’s not new to outdoor furnishings or cabins. The company has been serving the cabin- rental market for 20 years and in fact has a retail store in Pigeon Forge,Tenn. “With park models, we can do 3-D rendering to show what it looks like and the layout in the cabins,” said Angel Best, corporate sales manager with Rocky Top. The company hit the fall circuit hard, participating in the ARVC and KOA shows and taking part in the CruiseInn conference, too. “We do both outdoor and indoor furniture, as well as railings,” said Best. “If you have nicer furniture, it helps you get a higher rate and it helps boost your occupancy. We can help guide people on the most popular items, what helps maximize a space, what sleeps the most people in a space.” Park models and cabins aren’t the only areas where Rocky Top’s products fit, either. They can be used in canvas tents, at pools, water and theme parks and in restaurants. Because of its longtime association with the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area of Tennessee, by the way, Rocky Top donated and promoted donations to the Gatlinburg Relief Fund after devastating fires in late November.. 800-332-1143 McCutcheon’sAppleProductsInc. Though they’ve only been in the na- tionwide campground market for a few years,McCutcheon’sAppleProductsInc. isn’t exactly a new company, explained Robert “Bob” J. McCutcheon III, the Frederic, Md., company’s president. In fact, his great-grandfather started the company in 1938, originally press- ing apples for local farmers. Then the family began processing apple butter for the farmers, then introducing the McCutcheon label for their own apple butter and apple cider. Over the decades the product line grew with the family — and so did their distribution, from a single local store to various retailers. Now McCutcheon’s provides a wide variety of fruit and nut butters, preserves, jellies, marmalades, juice- sweetened products, honeys, pickled items, salsas, pasta sauces, hot sauces, mustards and salad dressings for campground stores. They also offer bottled old-fashioned carbonated drinks, which McCutcheon said are especially popular with their several dozen campground customers. “They like the old-time sodas, the juices, the teas. Each one of them really gets a mix, each campground has its own tastes. There are regional favorites,” he said. McCutcheon’s not only offers camp- ground guests items for meals and snacks, which helps keep them on the campground, but it also offers products people won’t find at a supermarket. “Since it’s not sold in grocery stores, people get another reason to return to that campground because they know they can get good stuff there,” McCutcheon said. And that original apple butter? It’s still around, using the same recipe Mc- Cutcheon’s great-grandfather first used. 301-662-3261 InsiderPerksInc. For park owners who have a tough time keeping up with social media and reviews, BrianSearl started a company, Insider Perks Inc., which allows parks to contract out the difficulty and hassle. That amounts to a pair of services. First is a social-media monitor where Insider Perks scours various sites to see what is being said about a park.“It sends reports all the time, so when somebody gets a new review they’ll get an email, when somebody gets a new mention, it’ll send an email,” Angel Best of Rocky Top showed off the company’s wares at fall shows. Brian Searl’s Insider Perks aims to help make it easy for park operators to man- age their online reputations. Bob MucCutcheon is making his family’s delicious, unique foods available to campground stores. Fall Trade Shows – continued on page 32