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We know they’re not going to log into this every day because they’re busy doing other things. “The second part of it is we respond to the reviews for them, all of the good reviews and all of the bad reviews. Even if it’s only a star rating on Facebook, we’ll go on and say‘Thank you so much for staying with us. We hope to see you again soon.’ We don’t know what their experience was, but if they rated you four or five stars, they’re probably pretty happy,” he explained. “We want to get that one-on-one connection. “If it’s a negative review, there’s two types. One is people just complaining, which we can answer on our own.Then there’s the people who got kicked out because they were being loud at 2:00 in the morning. We email the park owner to find out what happened and then I can piece together a response.” In addition, Insider Perks checks through all online listings for clients to make sure they are correct and consis- tent. “It’s a one-stop shop. We’re trying to take all this off the park owner’s shoulders so they can run their campground.” 888-407-5787 SavoryFineFoods The folks at Savory Fine Foods in Navasota, Texas, figure they have a simple food product that not only allows campgrounds to sell guests a unique snack offering, but it’s some- thing that can help draw guests back into the camp store repeatedly during their stay. Savory offers seasoning kits that help turn regular saltine crackers into a tasty snack using just a seasoning packet, a bag and some vegetable oil — and RV parks can stock either just the seasoning packets or full kits that provide the oil and the bag. The company offers their original flavor, a garden dill flavor, a spicier Texas chipotle seasoning, a sweet BBQ seasoning flavor, a low-salt version of their original and, new at the KOA convention’s expo, a cinnamon-sweet variety that tastes like cinnamon toast. “Everything you need to sell the product in a condensed space is right there. Signage comes with it,” said Dave Ferguson, who runs market development for Savory. RV park operators can keep some seasoned crackers in a jar for people to try when checking in, he said, and the snack then sells itself. Savory is also branching out and beginning to offer single-serve finished packets of oyster crackers in different varieties. 936-825-1500 —JustinLeighty WCM Davd Ferguson shows off the company’s growing tasty products. that can be uploaded with funds, alleviating the problem of carrying money or credit cards to the beach or the pool. Campers can just scan their wristbands to purchase items or services within the campground. The wristbands can also be used to check out free equipment. When the funds run out, more can be uploaded from any of the kiosks that have been set up throughout the park. Clinger said there are verification steps built into the new system in case of loss or theft. Since the new system was rolled out on Memorial Day weekend, Clinger said, “the guests have loved it.” A couple of added benefits have come along with the new bands. Clinger said retail sales throughout the campground have gone up since guests have easier access to their money. Also a huge extra benefit to the wristbands is the security aspect. “Every camper has to have a wristband,” Clinger said. “If security sees someone without one, they’ll check them out to make sure they’re supposed to be here.” He said because the wristbands can track wherever a camper has used them, it also can be a huge help in finding lost children in the campground. “We can tell where a child last used it and adjust our search to fit that area,” he said. “We’ve already had an occasion to do this and the child was located in just a very short time.” Currently, Clinger said Lakewood is the only campground he knows of that’s using this technology. So, will this idea continue to evolve? “This year, we hope to have it set up where campers can load the wristbands from their smart phones or computers,” Clinger said. —Tom O’Dare, reprinted with permission of the Myrtle Beach Herald. CONY Awarded $247k New York Marketing Grant On Dec. 8, Campground Owners of NewYork (CONY) was awarded a Market NYGrantintheamountof$247,347atthe 2016 Regional Economic Development CouncilAwardsinAlbany,N.Y.,theorgan- ization said in an announcement. “We are extremely excited to have our Market NY grant request fully funded for the 2017 CONY Marketing Plan that we havedeveloped,”saidDonaldBennett,Jr., president and CEO of CONY.“The Market NY Grant program allows CONY to pro- videmuchmorevisibilityofCONYCamp- grounds through the various planned marketing programs.” The Market NY Grant awarded to CONYconsistsofsixmulti-mediapromo- tional elements that are designed to in- crease visitation to New York State and CONY campgrounds and RV parks. The submittedgrantincludedliteraturedistri- bution at country-wide consumer camp- ing and travel shows, design and distributionofaCONYCampground&RV Park 2017 Directory, print and digital ad- vertising,apublicrelationscampaign,bill- board and transit advertising. WCM Escapees Parks Roll Out New Pet Policy To protect guests and their pets, the Escapees Club announced that it is introducing a new pet policy effective Jan. 1 for the Escapees Rainbow Parks. The club will begin asking regis- tering guests if incoming pets are up to date on vaccinations, though the club said it’s not going to require proof of vaccination at this point. “This is to keep the registration as simple and fast as possible,” the club said in its announcement. “This notice will give guests time to address vaccinations your pet may need before the policy goes into effect. “We feel it is in the spirit of Escapees to ensure that our parks are safe and worry free. We all love our pets and hope that you under- stand and support this policy. All Escapees parks are pet-friendly, so human-pet interaction is expected.” WCM