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The bench line, especially,we’redoingalotofcustomization there with lettering and plaques, we can do that with picnic tables, too. “We’ve seen a spike in interest in lantern polesfortentsites.Wealwayssellafew,but it seems like there’s been a run lately. The pole is installed in a concrete footing and it’s a place to keep the lantern from being knocked off a table or blown off a tree branch. It’s a safety issue,” Simonsen said. Rocky Top 800-332-1143 “We see ourselves as full service providers,” said Brad Lewallen, vice presi- dent of sales for the Lexington, Ky.-based furniture manufacturer. “We have CAD drawings, we can take dimensions and pro- vide a layout for them. We’re a one-stop shop. Park owners have a lot of demand on theirtimeandwecandoallthisforthemand make sure everything fits. A lot of these things we can help with are very valuable to them, we believe.” Angel Best, corporate sales director, said the company’s line fits well indoors and out. “We help provide better customer experi- ences. It satisfies your customer because it brings the outdoors in, but our stuff is com- mercial grade. We have a lifetime structural warranty on our indoor products. “Campgrounds are also putting our furni- tureintentsandtipis.Thisstuffdoesfit.Even if you have a smaller space, we’re the man- ufacturer. We can build to any size or spec you need. Send us your dimensions, we’ll do a CAD drawing and scale it down,” she said. The company’s outdoor furniture and rail- ings have a five-year warranty and will likely last much longer, Lewallen said. All Rocky Top furnishings are made from Northern White Cedar grown in Michigan. “It is very rot-resistant, bug-resistant and releases moisture very well. We have people who are still using outdoor swings and chairs they bought from us when the company opened 25 years ago.” Best said, “We do a lot of custom work. If you need a dresser with a spot for a minifridge and a microwave, you won’t find that on our site or in our catalog, but we can dothat.Wecansourcebedding,lamps,even dishes and forks.” Rocky Top offers three different product lines at three different price points — the economical Cottage line, the middle-priced Hand-Hewn line and the upper Buckridge Rusticline.Allfurniturehasavarietyoffinish RockyTopoffersafullrangeof indoor and outdoor furniture. options and can be stained or the stain can be left up to the end user. Concrete Bench Molds 800-242-1809 Bob Merusi started Concrete Bench Molds in Framingham, Mass., after decades inthecity’sparksandrecreationdepartment. “The value is that it’s a $1,000 bench for $87 worth of materials if you do it yourself,” Merusi said. “You just need a set of molds and everything else is available at the hard- warestore.”That’ssimplethingslikelumber, concrete and bolts. “The prototype is still in useandit’s15yearsold.Iofferamoney-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.” The rugged plastic mold is good for repeat use, andthesetcosts$560.Aftertheinitialinvest- ment, “If you’re going to build a dozen benches, you can do it for 87 bucks a piece.” Jamestown Advanced Products Corp. 800-452-0639 “Picnic tables are the biggest thing in fur- niture. That’s always our best seller,” said MikeFeldmanwithJamestownAdvancedof Jamestown, N.Y., which has been in busi- ness for 30 years. “The galvanized frames with treated pine are our single best seller,” he said, though the company offers accessi- ble tables, metal-mesh picnic tables and tables with recycled plastic in place of lumber. The company also sells picnic table frames alone so campground operators can buytheirownlumberandassemblethetable for themselves. Thecompanyalsooffersalineofportable picnic tables and pedestal picnic tables. “We also sell a lot of benches for by beaches, dog parks and playground areas. The benches are most popular with the recycled plastic lumber.” The recycled plastic is more popular in benches than picnic tables simply due to scale, Feldman noted. “If you’re doing picnic tables at 100 sites, the price difference adds up.” The company also offers trash recepta- cles and bike racks. Jamestown Advanced prides itself on being a woman-owned, American-manufactured sheet-metal fabricator. Frosty’s Park Equipment 800-376-7897 Frosty Kimbrough, owner of Frosty’s Park JamestownAdvancedoffers a variety of table options. Concrete Bench Molds allow inexpensive, durable DIY benches.