22 - November 2017 Woodall’s Campground Management • Real Rustic Log Cabins • Turn-Key! • Durable and Appealing • Highly Profitable • Pays Off Within 1-3 Years Real Log Park Model Cabins 717-445-5522 • www.lancasterlogcabins.com Park Model Cabins starting at $21,900 Located in Lancaster, PA Reputation Monitoring and SendOut Expert tools have changed the game of what a management system can do for a campground owner. With more than 3,000 clients, Rez- Expert is designed to integrate all aspects of property management into one easy-to-use system. It also allows campgroundownerstobuildprofilesof guests who have stayed, enabling them toprovideapersonalizedvisitwhenthe guests return based off what they enjoyed when they stayed before. “In the past you might have had to use different systems to perform some of these functions, but now it is all in one place,” said Thom Gibb, chairman of the board at Digital Rez. “Managing the guests and how their visit goes is key to any business.” ReputationMonitoringallowscamp- grounds to manage reviews across 20 different social media channels, allow- ing owners to respond quickly when a customer has a complaint. The system also allows campgrounds to have easy access to positive reviews that they can highlight on their own social media accounts or websites. “This software isn’t just about check- ing people in, it also allows owners to track everything that is impacting their campground,” he said. “When issues arise, you can then react quickly.” SendOut Expert, available through a monthly subscription, allows owners to send out text messages, emails and mobile device push notifications that can keep your guests up to speed on what is happening at the campground, provide information on what guests should pack and anything else guests should be aware of. “Everything is customizable, so we canbuildoursoftwarearoundwhatthe owner wants,” said Gibbs. RMS rmsnorthamerica.com 858-427-1200 ext.1 Australia-based RMS has been pro- viding online booking, management andfront-officesoftwaresystemstothe hospitality industry for more than 30 years. Here in North America, RMS has provided The Hospitality Cloud to campgrounds for the past seven years. Todd Sabo, president of RMS North America, said that the system provides theabilitytobookreservations,process credit cards and help manage other aspects of a property, including point- of-sale transactions. “Itisacloud-basedsystem,soitisac- cessibleonanydevice,fromanywhere,” hesaid.“Thereisnothingthatweinstall on an owner’s computer and no data is stored on their system, either. We give them login information and that is how they access their backend of the cloud.” RMSaddsalinkorwidgettoacamp- ground owner’s existing webpage that redirects customers to a site where they can book a reservation. Campground owners can personalize this page with photos of the campground, maps and other features. “We are also set to unveil ourGuestsPor- tal at conven- tions this year,” said Sabo. “The portal will then allow a camp- ground’s guests to change or cancel reserva- tions online, see their past or current reservations and even check-in online. That means ownerscouldseefewerpeopleinlinefor check-in on busier holidays.” RMS charges owners a monthly serv- ice fee to rent the use of the software, based on the size of the park, and also chargesasmallstartupfee.Campground customers will also pay a $1 to $2 convenience fee when booking online. “Cloud-based software is fast be- coming the norm,” he said. “You can accessitanywhereanditismoresecure since owners will not have a ton of private data on their own systems. We house all our data in IBM servers, which have much better security than anything owners are going to have on their own systems.” Staylist Staylist.com 865-248-0045 Founded in 2015, Staylist has seen a lot of growth in two years, taking in more than 200,000 reservations, gener- ating more than $38 million, according to Jeff Reed, founder and CEO. Billed as“The Simple, Free, All-in-One Reser- vation Management and Payment Platform,” Reed said that the software is light, easy to use and efficient. “Once customers see how easy, intu- itive and uncomplicated Staylist is we have a 98% customer sign-on rate.” he said. “Customers actually promoteStaylistforus and prove our brand loyalty within the marketplace. This is a benefitwetrulyvalue.” Staylist fits on a campground owner’s existing website as a widget, directing customerstoclickona link to reserve a site. The link redirects the customer to a Staylist page that allows them to complete the booking process. Reedsaidthattheapplicationcanbe assessedfromanywhere,onanydevice, and that the product is scalable to any size RV park or campground. “With our reservation platform and provenROI,Staylistprovidescustomers with an easy one-stop application that helps owners and managers generate more booking revenue, capture more cost savings and improving their prof- itability, while providing guests with a simple,fastandconvenientwaytobook theirnextreservationonline,”saidReed. Staylist bills itself as a free applica- tion that has no subscription or com- mission fees. Reed said that they only charge owners if they are migrating data from an old system into Staylist’s application and for on-site training. Staylist does pass on a small transac- tion fee to a campground’s customer when they book online, but charges are notmadeonanyreservationsmadeover the phone or in person. — Ben Quiggle Digital Rez’s RezExpert Staylist The Hospitality Cloud