WOODALLSCM.com November 2017 - 29 use) or Botsify, no coding knowledge necessary. Chatbot Crazy This is an exciting time in online marketing, with that same wild west feeling we lived through during the app boom. Bots are in their infancy with a wide-open future. Currently there are hiccupsinthebotexperience,butmany are better than they used to be in the ramp up to seamless interactions. Smart modern marketers should move in the direction of chatbots, providing well-thought-out, personal- ized service to truly engage with their audiences in a conversational, caring, curious manner that satisfies their consumers and clearly represents their business. Like what you see in Modern Marketing? Stay abreast of the latest digital marketing trends for the out- door recreation industry by sub- scribing to Schmarder’s bi-weekly trend digest Digital Marketing for the Outdoor Recreation Industry at www.roadabode.com. Ask her about her digital marketing/social media diagnostics and tune-ups, content strategy and marketing plans, and more at [email protected] or 702-460-9863. WCM Modern Marketing —from page 8 and the 1.6-liter Base Camp. All come with a firebox and a variety of accessories — in- cluding plates, cups/bowls, hobo stove, pot support and cook sets — also are available either individually or as part of a complete Kelly Kettle kit. Kelly Kettles also come with one-year limited warranty. 208-359-3123 www.kellykettle.com PAK-IT-LITE Hammocks Hammocks and camping go hand-in-hand, and Georgia-based PAK-IT-LITE offers four models,includingtheF.O.Bforovernightadven- tures in colder conditions and RECONMN, whichissuitableforsomecoldweatheroutings butprimarilyisforovernightadventuresduring the warmer seasons or in warmer regions. “For RVers and campers looking to just hang out around the RV site, both the Scout and Lightfoot Scout offer the ability to be comfortableand,inthecaseoftheScout,still has the added benefit of staying warm in cooler conditions with the patented bed pocket system. This feature of the F.O.B, RECONMN, and the Scout allows the user to insertaclosed-cellpadintothehammockfor added insulation from the cold,” said Tony Kramer, owner/designer of PAK-IT-LITE. Kramer suggested the Lightfoot Scout wouldbeagoodoptionformostcampstores. It’s designed to be a lightweight summer backpackinghammockorforjusthangingout at the campsite. Like the other models, it’s made of wind- and water-resistant taslan nylonbodythathasthelookandfeelofcotton. 770-403-8346 www.camphammocks.com Mimi Moto Manufactured by Smokehouse Products, the Mimi Moto is fueled by wood and can be used to cook, grill, griddle, boil water and as a heater. The Mimi Moto works as a forced- air gasifier stove by gasifying wood in- stead of burning it directly (like in an open fire). The ex- tractedgassesburn asacleanandcontrollableflamethroughthe use of the integrated variable fan. In the U.S., it’s recommended to burn hardwood BBQ pellets in the Mimi Moto. The Mimi Moto has two patented ex- changeable burners that can handle any cooking situation. The large burn chamber producesahighpowerflameforcookingwith large pots or when high heat is needed, up to 20,000 Btu. The small burn chamber is specif- ically designed for low power simmering. Available accessories allow Mimi Moto to be customized for each particular use. For backcountryexplorers,anoptionalsolarpanel canrechargethefan;however,thefanwilllast several days of heavy use on one charge so weekend campers can just grab and go. The Mimi Moto, hardwood BBQ pellets and all other products of Smokehouse are available for wholesale purchase. 877-386-3811 www.smokehouseproducts.com WCM Manufacturers of Quality Recreation FUNniture www.ParkEquipment.com 1-800-376-7897 2061 Sulphur Springs Rd Morristown, TN 37813 Stormy Kromer Established in 1903, Stormy Kromer is an outdoor apparel company that started with the now iconic Stormy Kromer hat, which Stormy’s wife, Ida, cre- atedasasolutiontothe freezing wind stealing hiscapashenavigated locomotives across the open prairies of the Midwest. Her solution was to hand-stitch the now-famous earflaps on one of Stormy’s old baseball caps. Since then the Stormy Kromer cap winter product line features 1,052 cap SKUs, 33 cap styles, and 73 different available colors. And, while it all started with a cap, Stormy Kromer has grown into an outdoor apparel company with 443 SKUs representing 54 different apparel and accessory styles. “Our caps become a part of family tradi- tions and key moments – from the birth of a new baby to family reunions to weddings to deer camp,” said Gina Thorsen, president of Stormy Kromer. “With a rich Midwestern his- tory going back to 1903, American manufac- turingandalifetimeguarantee,StormyKromer is as American as apple pie. Also – we offer customembroideryforourcapsandcouldput the campground logo on the earband.” 888-455-2253 www.stormykromer.com WCM