16 - May 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management • Real Rustic Log Cabins • Turn-Key! • Durable and Appealing • Highly Profitable • Pays Off Within 1-3 Years Real Log Park Model Cabins 717-445-5522 • www.LancasterLogCabins.com Park Model Cabins Starting at $23,900 Located in Lancaster, PA meters,”shesaid.“Thisreallysavesown- ers time and money.” Another product Linnell said that is designed to make the life of an owner easierisaRemoteUtilityMonitoringsys- tem.Shesaidthatthesystemallowsown- ers to turn on and off power to a certain pedestal right from any mobile device. “So, if a park owner isn’t at the park, but somebody is pulling in and needs the electricity on they can turn it on from their phone,” said Linnell. Utility Supply Group 800-800-2811 www.go-usg.com Kingston,Wash.-based Utility Supply Group (USG) supplies lights, meters, replacement parts, site accessories and muchmoretocampgroundandRVpark owners. USG has recently begun promoting a ring-less meter socket option to their pedestals, according to Wade Elliot, the owner of the company. “It’s been around for a while, it just doesn’t get used much, but in my opin- ion it’s a lot easier to use,” he said. “Our pedestal actually has the ability to have a padlock in it, or a padlock seal on there, but you don’t have to deal with thatmeterring—whichcanbefrustrat- ing. It’s like tak- ing off a child-proofcap when you’ve only got one hand. It’s not aneasythingto do and people have always been frustrated with them.” USG has alsointroduced a pad mount featuretosome of its pedestals which allows owners to mount the pedestal right to a concrete pad next to an RVsite,accord- ing to Elliot. “We’ve now got regular pedestals, lit pedestals, metered pedestals, ring-less pedestals and pad mount pedestals,” he said. “It just kind of rounds out our line of options there. I’d like to see all our customers just reg- ularly use the ring-less style, because I think it’s an easier thing to use and I think it looks a little cleaner and it’s a little harder to tamper with.” Elliott also pointed out that USG is also the only stocking distributor of the Eaton Powerslide pedestal, which means that USG keeps the Eaton Powerslide pedestals in stock for quick distribution when orders come in. “That gives us a bit of a competitive advantage because the factory is really backed up on those right now,” he said, addingthatifacustomerneedshelpex- panding or redesigning their electrical infrastructure,USGhasthecapabilityto calculate load and drop numbers, and helps owners map out their grid. Hialeah Meter 800-654-0821 www.hialeahmeter.com Since the 1950s Hialeah, Fla.-based HialeahMeterhasbeensupplyingrefur- bished and new electric meters to campgrounds and RV parks, according to Lisa Senior, general manager of Hialeah Meter. Senior said that the refurbished meters the company sells are a real cost saver for owners, but that changes are coming as the company’s supply of older meters to refurbish dwindles due to newer technology. “So, parks may have to get used to paying a little bit more for a meter to be used in installation kits, the power out- lets and those that they use to recover their electrical expenses,” she added. “The reason being there are no parts anymore to refurbish these pieces because they were manufactured in the ’70s. We’re just not able to manufacture and put them back into service, so we’re havingahardtimesourcingtheoldused meters.” Supplied by utility companies as a waytorecycletheunits,Seniorsaidthat recently the company received a shipment of 600 meters but where only able to refurbish about 50% of them. According to Senior, Hialeah Meter is telling owners that they may have to purchasenewermetersduetotheshort- age, pointing out that the Aclara I-210+ 60 HZ sells to owners for $75 — about a $50 increase compared to the refurbished models that Hialeah is running short on. “We are going to be negotiating with themetermanufacturertoseeifwecan’t get further discounts to lower the cost for our customers,” she said. Monarch Coin & Security 800-462-9460 www.monarchcoin.com Covington, Ky.-based Monarch Coin & Security has been producing coin boxes and chutes, along with coin- or token-operated shower meters, to the campground arena since 1903, according to Danielle Hall, sales coordinator for the company. The coin-or token-operated shower meters are the big sellers, she noted, as owners seek to find ways to keep tabs on water usage and costs. “It helps control the use of water so that somebody doesn’t leave the faucet runningandwalkoff,”shesaid.“Ithelps to keep the cost down and usually these campgrounds are out in the middle of nowhere,becausethat’swhereyouwant to go camping. A lot of times they don’t have access to city water and they’re Power Demands – continued on page 36 MH75P-3HeritagePedestal HM6 Series Meter The availability of older, refurbished meters is declining.