20 - May 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management As more campers bring their pets with them, campground owners need to find ways to cater to this segment or possibly miss out on future customers. More CampersAre Looking for Campgrounds and RV Parks that Cater toTheir Furry Family Members As the camping arena begins to see a rise in interest from people who come from all walksoflife,campgroundownersarereport- ingthatmoreandmorecampersarebringing along their furry family members. The 2018 Kampgrounds of America (KOA) North American Camping Report (see pages ‘Around 40% of pet owners travel with their pets, so they would be more inclined to stay at a venue that is pet-friendly and offers amenities specifically for their dogs,’ said Elizabeth Caldwell, marketing manager for Jamestown Advanced Products. ‘I truly believe the pet industry will continue to grow.’ Agility equipment, like this jump from Dog-On-It Parks, are popular. 18-19) highlights this trend, stating that 20% of campers in 2017 considered whether a campground allowed pets or had a pet area as a top consideration in selecting a camp- ground. And experts in the campground arena say that the trend of bringing along pets while camping is going to continue to grow. “TripAdvisor did a survey recently and it stated that 52% of people do travel with their pets and about the same amount of those folks are actively searching out pet-friendly lodging areas where they can stay with their pets,” said Nora VandenBerghe, sales, marketing and operations manager at Seat- tle,Wash.-basedDog-On-ItParks.“So,Ithink that translates to campgrounds and RV resorts moving to capture the market segment. In the last five to six years we have definitelyseenanincreaseintheworkcamp- grounds and resorts are doing to help cater more towards people that are traveling with their pets.” Bob Hansen, national account and mar- keting manager at Eclectic, Ala.-based Pet and Playground, said that it makes financial sense for campers to take along their pets. “My family travels with three dogs when wecampandalotofpeopledothat,because