WOODALLSCM.com May 2018 - 21 whatareyougoingtodo?It’s$40perdog,per night (to board them) when you leave them behind,” he said. “I’ve got a 40-foot fifth- wheelandwhatIamseeingacrosstheareas that we camp — which is mostly throughout thesoutheast—ismoreandmoreplacesare trending towards having off-leash dog park areas, because probably 60% of all the sites have a dog on them.” Dave Canning, who owns Orlando, Fla.- based DOGIPOT, said that amenities for pets —specificallythoseusedfordogparks—is one of the fastest-growing segments in the parks and recreation industry. “Dog parks have been around for quite a while, but a lot of times it was a fence and maybe a pet station with a bench in there for someone to sit on,” he said. “Now, people want a lot of fun things for their dogs to do. Theywantsomeagilityequipment,somestuff their dogs can climb up and down on or go under or some shading systems.” It is not just about having an area for dogs to roam off-leash. Vandenberghe said that campers with pets are looking for a truly pet-friendly environment. “There is a pretty big difference between just allowing pets and being pet friendly, and from a business and marketing perspective, ifthosecampgroundsandRVparksarebeing truly pet-friendly they are offering on-site amenities — anything from dog park agility equipment to special events in those dog parks,” she said. Hansensaidthatcampgroundownersand managers need to be cognizant of what the demands are — and meet those demands. “They need to have those pet amenities and they need to be able to market what they offer, because there are a ton of options out there and they need to stand out,” he said. Here is a look at some of the key dog park providers in the campground arena that Woodall’s Campground Management spoke with. DOGIPOT 800-364-7681 www.dogipot.com Orlando, Fla.-based DOGIPOT has been a supplier of dog park products for almost 25 years,accordingtoDaveCanning,whoowns the company. He said the company offers a widevarietyofproductsfrompetstationsand waste bag dispensers to signage, trash receptacles, DOGIPARK agility equipment andbenches,andanewerproductcalledthe DOGVALET. “Wehavethebroadestselectionofproducts onthemarkettochoosefrom,”saidCanning. ThenewerDOGVALETisanall-in-oneunit that, according to Canning, combines a waste bag dispenser and trash receptacle in one unit. “They’re less utilitarian-looking than the petstations,”hesaid.“Theycomeindifferent colorsincludingbeige,mulchandgreen.They are really simple for campers to operate.” The company’s DOGIPARK play equipment was born out of cus- tomerfeedback,ac- cording to Canning. He said that the company took that feedback and has designed a few pieces with a new product set to be released here soon. “We have a dog-themed park bench, a decorative fire hydrant, a leash post, a hoop jump,archedsteppingstonesandsomeother items,” he said. Canning said that it is important for own- ers to consider having a fenced-in area where dogs can be dogs. “It’s nice to know the dogs are fenced in and you don’t have to worry about them running around the campground,” he noted. “You’re going to attract a ton of people. Millennials and Baby Boomers love to travel with their dogs. They want to include them in their everyday lives. “What’s nice also is these areas become nice social locations, not only for the dogs, but for people,” he continued. “So, you have people that are at the campground, now they have something in common — the dogs are running around, it gives them an opportunity to chat and meet people within the camp- ground and it does a lot for just the commu- nity’s sake.” DOG-ON-IT-PARKS 877-348-3647 www.dog-on-it-parks.com NoraVandenBerghe,sales,marketingand operationsmanageratSeattle,Wash.-based Dog-On-It Parks, said the goal of the company is to make dog parks destination places, much like playgrounds are. “Just to provide more opportunities for people to get outside with their pets, healthy exercise for both the humans and their dogs, and also just kind of a community gathering place,” she said. The company distributes a wide array of products,fromagilityequipment,signage,pet waste stations, site furnishings, shade prod- ucts, benches and tables, and pet wash stations. The company also offers dog park designservicesforcustomerswhowanthelp designing a space for their furry visitors. “We work with customers to get the park dimensions, find out what the surface is, if they have any issues with drainage that we canhelpthemoutwith,”VandenBerghesaid. “Obviously, while working with their budget. Avarietyofactivities,likethisobstaclefrom Jamestown Advanced Products, is key. DOGIVALET DOGIPARK Park Bone Bench Adjustable Jump Bar