22 - May 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management Justmakingsuretheyhaveexactlywhatthey need in the park. “Somepeoplemightthinkthatdogsprefer to have more agility equipment, but we are also looking for quality of life for the dogs,” shecontinued.“Noteverydogisgoingtonat- urally want to use the agility equipment or be interested in it. So, you also want to have open room for running and ball throwing, things like that — finding a good balance be- tweensomeoftheamenitiesyouseeinadog park and just having that nice open space.” VandenBerghe mentioned that a lot of the problems owners face when dealing with dogs can be mitigated by having a dog park where pets can exercise. “Just from kind of a dog health-and- behavior perspective, if they have daily exer- cise it really does help inhibit some of those behaviors that are problematic, like barking, chewing,” she said. All of the products the company sells comewithalifetimewarrantyagainstruston all metal components, as well as a 5-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. PET AND PLAYGROUND 866-398-3992 www.petandplayground.com Eclectic, Ala.-based Pet and Playground offersafullslateofdogparkproductsinclud- ing pet waste stations, benches and agility equipment. “All of our agility equipment is designed in-house,” said Bob Hansen, the company’s national account and marketing manager. “Most of the other dog agility equipment, muchofitisdesignedtoactuallybeonanob- stacle course like you might see in some sort ofstructuredAmericanKennelClub-certified type event. Ours is just more functional and useful — and it’s very visually appealing.” The company also sells dog park kits, whicharedesignedasanall-in-onepackage and come with all the equipment customers need to create a new dog park or refurbish an older one, according to Hansen. He said that if an owner is looking to create a dog park they have to answer a numberofquestionsbeforetheystartputting in equipment. “The first thing is site selection,” he pointed out. “Where are you going to put it and is it going to be an off-leash area? Are you going to put in fencing? And if you’re going to create an off-leash area with fencing, where is it going to be? Is it going to beinasafeplaceforthedogsandforthedog owners? “Then, depending upon the size of the area, you start drilling down as to what piecesdoyouwantandwhat’syourbudget,” Hansencontinued.“Onceyougetthespacial area that you need and decide what your budget’sgoingtobeafteryourfence,thenit’s just the layout of the product.” Duringthelayoutphaseitisimportantthat owners are aware of what type of piece they are installing and the best place for it in the dog park, according to Hansen. “One of our pieces looks kind of like an A- frame piece. It’s tall,” He said. “You don’t want to put that right next to the fence because the dog can get over there, get on top of it and jump off. So, we typically put those pieces about six feet away from the fence. So, it’s just thinking through how you want the design of the park to be.” JAMESTOWN ADVANCED PRODUCTS 800-452-0639 www.jamestownadvanced.com Jamestown Advanced Products offers three different dog park packages that cus- tomerscanchoosefrom.ElizabethCaldwell, marketing manager at the Jamestown, N.Y.- based company, said that depending on the price each package comes with different products and saves cus- tomersmoneybybundlingto- gether multiple items. “They are able to install agility equipment based on the size of their space and their budget,” she said. “Additionally, we have many customers who choose to purchase piece by piece from our dog agility line as their needs change and grow.” Recently, the company added a dog tunnel to their agilitylineafterCaldwellsaid customers were asking for the product. “Additionally, we have a portable dog agility line com- ing out soon,” she pointed out. Caldwell mentioned that while it is important for any dog park to have obstacles and other forms of agility equipment, it is also impor- tantforownerstomakesure they have products at the parks for owners as well. “It is just as important to have benches or tables for the pet owners, as well as dog wastecontainersavailabletokeepthespace clean,” she said. Caldwell said that the company antici- pates seeing more growth in their dog park line as more campers hit the road with their pets. “Around 40% of pet owners travel with their pets, so they would be more inclined to stay at a venue that is pet-friendly and offers amenities specifically for their dogs,” she said. “I truly believe the pet industry will Me and My Pal Bench Dog-On-It Park’s Agility Walk Dog Bone Bench Post Mounted Dog Waste Container