WOODALLSCM.com May 2018 - 23 continue to grow, which in turn will increase the demand for agility equipment and waste containers.” EVOLUTION DOG WASH 800-426-0760 www.evolutiondogwash.com AtLosAngeles,Calif.-basedEvolutionDog Wash, all the company does is manufacture products that are designed to make sure animals have a space to clean up after a day at the dog park, according to Gary Sherman, CEO of the company. Whiletheyhaveproducedotherdogwash stations in the past, Sherman said they are in their sixth year of manufacturing the Evolu- tion Dog Wash. “It’s on fire,” he said. “Our business will probably be up 70% this year. We do work in a lot of different channels, a lot of different verticals,fromobviouslythecampgroundand RV space, but we do a lot of work with multi- family residential communities, car washes, pet stores, laundromats, dog beaches and dog parks. So, we’re kind of all over the place.” Each dog wash comes with everything a pet owner will need to clean their pet, according to Sherman. “You get the dog wash, which has four integrated dosing pumps,” he said. “So basi- cally, what that does is it takes the product —likeshampoo,conditionerandotherprod- ucts — that are in the dog wash and injects them into the wash gun hose, so actually when you’re applying shampoo, you’re also applying water. You can literally wash any size dog in a matter of probably four minutes. “There’s also an onboard dryer,” he continued. “The system that we offer is fully integrated, so in terms of you wanting to wash your dog, there’s nothing that you would be missing from our system.” Sherman said that as more people travel withtheirpets,dogwashesandrelatedprod- ucts are more in demand because owners need a space to clean their pets. “Probably half of all people who travel in their RVs have a pet,” said Sherman. “And washing their pets in a camper or a mobile home is nearly impossible. I think camp- ground owners though have not really gravi- tated to this amenity yet, although they are introducing more dog parks and catering more to pets.” SMART INDUSTRY PRODUCTS 847-607-9319 www.smartindustryproducts.com Smart Industry Products LLC sells pet waste stations and related items to camp- grounds and RV parks around the country, according to Robin Lazarus, managing partner at the Northbrook, Ill.-based company. “The majority of campers either have pet waste stations or pet parks or they’re building them,” said Lazarus. “Everybody brings their dog camping when they go, so it’s not something that’s new. It’s definitely some- thing that’s a ‘must have,’ because it will help with owners cleaning up after themselves.” The company mainly fo- cuses on items that can be sold in campground stores, including light-up dog col- lars, leashes and bulk pet waste bags, according to Lazarus, adding that pet waste stations are impor- tant for campgrounds to in- stall if owners expect their property to stay clean. “It definitely helps to have these stations, because the owners see them and they are more likely to use them,” said Lazarus. The company’s pet waste stations are pow- dercoated so they don’t rust and they have a lock- ing dispenser with a 10-gallon waste receptacle with lid and a sign that reads, ‘Please clean up after your dog,’ according to Lazarus. POLLY PRODUCTS 877-609-2243 www.pollyproducts.com Mulliken, Mich.-based Polly Products has recently introduced a Pet Waste Doggie Depot to its line of “sustainable” park products, according to Tyler Pung, marketing assistant. The depot comes with a mounting post, pet waste bag dispenser and trash recep- tacle, all made from post-consumer recycled material, according to Pung, adding that the unit utilizes stainless-steel hinges and fasteners that are designed to protect against rust and corrosion in harsh weather conditions. Each part of the depot is also sold sepa- rately. Pung said that while there has been no announcement that the company is working on other pet-related products, as the segment gets more popular Polly Products may look to expand their pet line. — Ben Quiggle WCM Evolution Dog Wash Pet Waste Doggie Depot ImperialDouble Pet Waste Station