WOODALLSCM.com May 2018 - 35 pected.We’re surrounded by orchards, lemon groves. I always hoped and ex- pected that the lemon groves would protect us. And actually, most of the lemon groves are still standing — but the winds were so strong the embers were able to reach the campground. WCM: Once you were allowed back, how did you go about assessing the damage? Did your insurance company help with that? Cory: I called my insurance carrier when the fire was blazing and reported the claim. Not too long after that they had an adjuster on the prop- erty with me reviewing the situation. They’ve been good to work with. WCM: Looking back, is there any- thing you wish you had in place when the fire hit or something you wish you had done differently before the fire? Cory: I would say that although I had reasonable insurance, when I look back I wish I would have certainly increased all the coverages a lot more. I have to say I didn’t realize that I needed to update my coverages as often as I should have. I was always honest about what I told the insur- ance company — what I paid for each building and other things. I didn’t know I was supposed to update the coverages so much. I’ve actually asked KOA if they would like me at the next convention to talk in a workshop and share my experiences and what I would do differently. I’m happy to do that. WCM: What is a piece of advice you can give to other owners that may face a situation like yours in the future? How do you start recovering from this type of disaster? Cory: I’m definitely still recovering. I think what helped me is I immediately started writing down all the different type of vendors I needed to connect with, the kind of steps I needed to do to have a recovery plan. By that I mean I actually wrote down electrical, sewer, water and landscape needs. I just started to write down all the issues and started to fill in the blanks of the people I needed to contact and things like that — which included all the government associations, as well. WCM: California had a bad fire season in 2017 and it’s dry still in some areas. Are you concerned about this happening again? Cory: Fires don’t happen very often in our area. I think because we have so many citrus trees around, they act as a barrier. So, am I worried about it again? Of course. Will I be better prepared? Absolutely. It’s not going to deter me from building the business again. — Ben Quiggle WCM Owners need to be aware of how much insurance cov- erage they have on their buildings warned Scott Cory. Scott Cory said he had anticipated area citrus groves to protect his park — which featured a host of different accommodations in heavily treed set- tings —but that high winds contributed to the spread of the Thomas Fire.