36 - May 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management VENDORSCAPES Pro consolidates keys and other equipment into a single Swiss-style key holder, accord- ing to Michael Tunney, CEO and founder. Whether you’re starting a fire and need flint, opening bottles or trying to cut into a pack- age, the Key Smart Pro can help, according to Tunney. The multi-use tool also includes a rechargeablelocationtrackerwhichhelpsto locate the gadget if it is lost. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, the Key Smart Pro comeswithstainless-steelhardwareandcan be customized with a laser engraved logo. www.getkeysmart.com 888-900-5947 Wilcor International Wilcor International has upgraded its Big andTallKingSizeChairforthe2018camping season, according to Steve Roberts, a sales representative at the Frankfort, N.Y.-based company. The “extra wide” arm chair can now hold up to 400 pounds and features up- grades in material width and steel thickness. The 2018 upgrade also includes a wine glass holder,attachedbottleopener,builtincooler, smartphone pocket, extra padding in seat and back, and armrests with cup holders. Roberts said that the chair’s fabric is durable 900d polyester. The chair comes in a green stripe pattern and includes a carrying bag. www.wilcor.net 800-346-2345 State Fair Mini Donuts The St. Paul, Minn.-based State Fair Mini Donuts company gives campground owners a concession opportunity that offers pre- made and made-to-order donuts. Requiring no deep fat frying, according to Greta John- son, vice president of marketing, the donuts can be made in less than 40 seconds using the companies’ State Fair Oven. The oven is designed to be compact and space saving, accordingtoJohnson.StateFairMiniDonuts alsooffersavarietyoftoppingstosprinkleon the donuts when they come out of the oven, including cinnamon and sugar or their new salted caramel sugar. www.statefairminidonuts.com 763-438-2867 WCM Tuffy UTV Strongbox Cortez, Colo.-based Tuffy Security Prod- ucts has recently introduced its Tuffy UTV Strongbox, which fits Polaris RZR models. The patent-pending UTV Strongbox secures gear and valuables in the rear of the UTV. Crafted of powder-coated 16-gauge steel, Tuffy’sUTVStrongboxkeepsmud,dust,water and other elements away from stored items. Supported by gas shocks, the unit also features a large door handle, which makes it easier to open, according to Chip Olson, marketing director for Tuffy Security Products. Rugged construction, combined with the company’s proprietary Pry-Guard II locking system, helps prevent theft when the UTV is left unattended. www.tuffyproducts.com 800-348-8339 Master Cook Station The Master Cook Station by Higganum, Conn.-based GCI Outdoor features an aluminum counter top, a lower rack for stor- age, four plastic side tables, a telescopic lantern pole and a soft-shell sink with a drain thatcollapseswhentheunitisfoldedup.Side table features include beverage holders, stem-glass holders and hooks that can be used as a garbage bag or paper towel holder ortohangcookingutensils.Theframeiscon- structed of sturdy, powder-coated steel and the countertop is made from heat-resistant aluminum. The station folds flat and includes a carry handle for transporting it to and from the campsite. www.gcioutdoor.com 860-345-9595 Key Smart Pro ElkGroveVillage,Ill.-basedKeySmarthas introduced its Key Smart Pro. The Key Smart Power Demands —from page 16 paying a lot more to heat and provide water to their campers, so this is just a way of controlling that.” Within the last 10-15 years the com- pany introduced a coin- or token-drop functiontotheirshowermetersasaway to eliminate the push-button function, according to Hall. “So, going with the drop-coin accep- tor has worked out better in the shower, because you’ve got less moving metal parts,” she said, while noting that the companydoessellthepush-buttonme- ters for owners who don’t want to deal with the logistics of handing out tokens orusingcoins.Besidesthat,shesaidthat the company’s meters function very similarly to the ones the company was producing when they first opened more than 100 years ago. Monarch has not started producing meters that will accept credit or debit cards mainly because Hall said they couldn’t find a system that would work at the right price point for campground owners. “We wanted something, we wanted a goodproduct,buteverythingthatwefelt was good enough was way too expen- sive. Plus, the other issue is a lot of times you’ve got to have an Internet connec- tion to run the credit cards,” she said. “Andmostcampgroundsareinthemid- dle of nowhere, so ours are just coin-, token-orpush-buttonoperatedmeters.” Your Electrical Solutions 855-644-2400 www.yourelectricalsolutions.net If you have an ant problem at your campground, Maggie Linnell, owner of Lake Orion, Mich.-basedYour Electrical Solutions said she may have the solution for you. “I have a new product, a bug spray that works and kills ants that may have shorted out a 20-amp GFI,” she said. “Idon’tgiveout thenameofthe product unless customers call me, but why not go around andsprayevery pedestal with this stuff. The price of the spray is a lot cheaper than replacing a 20-amp GFI.” Besidesthebugspray,Linnellsaidher company supplies lighting, electric meters, water meters, and load centers, plus much more. “Service boxes and pedestals are always the most popular products,” she pointed out. Asfarasswitchingto50-ampservice, Linnellsaidthatownershavebeenmak- ing the upgrade to 50-amp pedestals for years, which she noted is important for the campground arena as it tries to at- tract more people to the RVing lifestyle. “Peoplewanttobringallthebellsand whistles from home — and park owners have to have a system that can handle the load,” she said. Jamestown Advanced Products 800-452-0639 www.jamestownadvanced.com Jamestown, N.Y.-based Jamestown Metered Surface Box Alberta-based Woodytent, a manufacturer of luxury tents, has donated a tent to Kampgrounds of America Inc.’s (KOA) Care Camps, which will be auctioned off at the annual KOA Convention in FortWorth, Texas, in November. “We are extremely grateful for their generous support and look forward to sending more kids to camp as a result of their kindness,” stated officials at KOA Care Camps in a release. The donated package included a Woodytent “M Luxury” tent that sleeps six. It is fully furnished and will be on display at the conven- tion. The package includes delivery to the customer, assembly, electri- cal and plumbing packages. KOA Care Camps provides chil- dren diagnosed with cancer a chance to attend camp. In 2017, the organization was able to financially support more than 42,000 children and disbursed more than $1.1 million in operating and capital grants to the 129 camps that participate in the program. WCM Woodytent Donates Luxury Tent to KOA Care Camps Skyline Corp. Reports 12.3% Revenue Increase Elkhart,Ind.-basedSkylineCorp.,abuilder of park model RVs and manufactured hous- ing, reported a 12.3% increase in revenue for its 2018 fiscal third quarter, which included approximately$5millionworthofhomescon- structedfortheFederalEmergencyManage- ment Agency’s (FEMA) emergency efforts. Salestotaled$58millionforthequarter,up from $51.6 million during the same period in fiscal2017,accordingtoapressrelease.The quarter included net sales of $7.6 million attributable to Skyline’s Elkhart and Mansfield, Texas, facilities, which closed in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017. Net income was $1.22 million, as com- pared to a net loss of $2.44 million for fiscal 2017. Currentyearoperatingincomeincludes$1 millioninnon-recurringcostsassociatedwith the pending merger with Troy, Mich.-based Champion Enterprise Holdings LLC. For the nine months of fiscal 2018, Skyline Corp. reported the following results: • Net sales of $174.2 million, an approxi- mate 1.6% decrease from net sales of $177 million during fiscal year 2017. • Operating income for fiscal 2018 was nearly $6 million, as compared to an operat- ing loss of $2 million for fiscal 2017. • Net income for fiscal 2018 was $5.8 mil- lion, as compared to a net loss of $2.3 million for fiscal 2017. WCM Woodytent “M”