4 - May 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management turned into cabin sites in recent years, noted Stafford. But this has also created a demand not only for new RV sites, but larger RV sites, hence the 100-RV site expansion. “When this campground first opened in 2000,” Stafford explained, “hardly anybody had slideouts in their RVs. But now, many of them do so we have to provide bigger camp- sites to accommodate these larger units.” He also said that the activities the park of- fers have been helping to attract guests, as well. During the spring and summer, the park offers an outdoor escape challenge, where teams of two, four or six players come into a zone and quickly solve a series of mostly math problems to obtain the clues that lead them out of the escape challenge before the time runs out. “A guide goes with the players to help keep them on track and may drop hints if necessary,” explained Stafford. At night, park guests can use the same outdoor area for zom- bie target shooting with paintballs, he noted. “This gives our campers practice so that by the time Octo- bergetshere,theycan defend themselves against live zombies,” Stafford said. The park improve- ments and expansions have created a need for more house- keeping, grounds and maintenance staff, ac- cording to Stafford, who mentioned that the park is also hiring 15 internationalstudentsthisyeartohelpduring early to mid-August, when the park’s high school- and college-age employees have to return to school. The park, which is open year-round, typically hires 400 employees for the peak summer camping season, according to Stafford. WCM North Texas Jellystone Sees Reservations Climb as More Improvements Are Made Pirates Cove Waterpark at North Texas Jelly- stone is opening two new slides in 2018. come with each campsite. North Texas Jellystone has also com- pleted the installation of 20 two-bedroom cabins, which gives the park a total of 120 rental cabins, according to Stafford, adding that occupancies have been growing about 35% each year for the past seven years. Infact,demandforrentalcabinshasbeen so strong that numerous RV sites have been Advance reservations are up 30%-40% over last year’s figures at the North Texas Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Burleson, Texas, according Steve Stafford, general manager of the park. “We keep adding more fun,” explained Stafford.“Peoplelikeournewcampsitesand cabins, as well as the prospect of trying out our waterslides at Pirate’s Cove. They also love our new homemade ice cream, which we make fresh each day.” In April, the North Texas Jellystone com- pletedthefinal10sitesofa100-siteluxuryRV site expansion while also installing two 65- foottalland350-footlongtubularwaterslides at Pirate’s Cove Waterpark, which is located next door to the campground. The new waterslides will open in mid-May. Stafford said the luxury RV sites feature 25- by 85-foot-long concrete pads, utility hookups, a built-in fire pit and grill, as well as shade awnings over the picnic tables that North Texas Jellystone has seen “strong” demand for rental cabins. N.Y. Breaks Ground On $19M FrontierTown Campground Washington’s National Park Fund Benefits From $1 Million Donation New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the ground- breaking of the Frontier Town Campground, Equestrian and Day Use Area, along with a new brewing facility for Paradox Brew- ery, in early April. An estimated $19 million in public/private resources has been committed to the project to date, according to a press release, which is located on approxi- mately 91 acres of land at the site of the former Frontier Town theme park in the town of North Hudson. The project is a signature proj- ect of Cuomo’s “Gateway to the Adirondacks” tourism hub and part of the state’s Adventure NY initiative to enhance access to state lands and connect NewYork- ers to nature and the outdoors, according to the release. “This develop- ment will create a unique, world-class campground for New Yorkers and visitors alike to enjoy,” Cuomo said.“This Gateway to the Adirondacks will serve as a central point for all of the area’s recre- ations, significantly benefitting the local community and the region’s tourism industry.” The campground will have 91 sites, including 33 equestrian sites, along with ADA-compliant features, 13 RV sites and 45 tent sites. WCM Former Kampgrounds of America Inc. CEO Jim Rogers has been appointed to the Department of the Interior’s“MadeinAmerica”Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee. According to a press release, the formation of the committee came after the department heard calls from the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable seeking a more formal format on issues affecting the future of outdoor recreation in the United States. The committee’s role will be to advise the department on ways to expandandimproveinfrastructureon and around federally managed public lands,implementingsustainablebusi- ness operations, improving visitor experiences and creating better tools andmoreopportunitiesforAmericans to enjoy the great outdoors, according to the release. Also appointed to the committee weretworepresentativesfromconces- sionaires managing campgrounds on federallands,BruceFears,presidentof Aramark Leisure and Jeremey Jacobs, co-CEO of Delaware North. WCM Former KOA CEO Jim Rogers AppointedtoInteriorCommittee Corcl Boats Wins Red Dot 2018 Product Design Award Baltimore, Md.-based Corcl Boats announced that the Corcl won ‘Honorable Mention’ in the Red Dot 2018 Product Design Awards. Only products that show a well-executed aspect of design work are recognized, according to Carter Brigham, co-founder of Corcl Boats. In2018,designersandmanufacturersfrom 59 countries submitted more than 6,300 objects to the competition. A jury comprised of39membersassessedtheproductsindivid- ually, looking for good design and innovation, said Brigham. The judging criteria, which in- cludeslevelofinnovation,functionality,formal quality, ergonomics and durability, provide a frame of reference that the jurors then com- plement with their own expertise, she added. TheCorclisa28-pound,round,plasticboat for kids ages 8-15. It is designed for use with akayakpaddletomoveforward,backwardor in circles through the water. The Corcl Boats’ design team will travel to Essen, Germany, in July to claim their prize andseetheCorclonexhibitionattheRedDot Design Museum in Essen. WCM Washington’s National Park Fund (WNPF) wasthebeneficiaryofa$1millioncontribution by a private contributor in early April. According to a press release, the gift was from the estate of Bette Wallace and was given via the Elizabeth Ruth Wallace Living Trust. The gift is to be split between the three national parks the fund supports: Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks. Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks aresettocombinetheirfunds,accordingtothe release, and hope to purchase a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that will allow dispatch operators to better monitor park rangers working in the wilderness. North Cascades will use the funding to sup- port infrastructure im- provements. “This funding comes at a pivotal time for Washington’s three largest national parks,” said Sarah Creachbaum, superintendentatOlympic National Park. “Our country’s national parks have experienced many financial challenges inrecentyearsandthereisasignificantmain- tenance backlog. This wonderful donation via WNPF enables us to invest in much-needed safety technology that can quite literally save livesinWashingtonforyearstocome.” WCM Andrew Cuomo Sarah Creachbaum