20 - January 2019 Woodall’s Campground Management • Real Rustic Log Cabins • Turn-Key! • Durable and Appealing • Highly Profitable • Pays Off Within 1-3 Years Real Log Park Model Cabins 717-445-5522 • www.LancasterLogCabins.com Park Model Cabins Starting at $25,900 Located in Lancaster, PA Las Vegas Motorhome Resort offers a rental service so that site owners can rent out their sites when they are not using them. the most beautiful resorts he has been to. That sentiment is shared by Doug and Dani Stiebeling, who purchased a site at Hearthside Grove after visiting several Class A exclusive luxury resorts. “Everywherewewentpeoplekepttalking aboutHearthsideGroveandwhenwevisited, we understood why,” Doug Stiebeling told WCM. The Florida residents were considering retirementandlookingforawaytoenjoytheir RV and escape the hot Florida summers. “We fell in love with Grove online, so we couldn’t wait to see it,” said Dani Stiebeling. And, unlike many of the resorts they vis- ited, it is not the only attraction in the nearby area, noted the Stielbelings. Hearthside Grove is nestled in an area of northern Michigan that boasts neighbors such as Traverse City and Harbor Springs, and day tripstoLeelanauorlongertripstoMichigan’s Upper Peninsula, the couple said. Other luxury Class A resorts around the country boast amenities similar to Hearthside Grove,andsomeareevengatedcommunities. For Everglades Isle: Luxury Motorcoach RetreatinEvergladesCity,Fla.,fishingiscom- mon, and the resort’s owners have placed floating concrete docks out in the marina to accommodate fishermen and boaters. The gated RV resort community not only holds RVs, but its marina can accommodate 100 boats, said Goldie Clifford who manages the resort with her husband, Bill. The resort both sells and rents sites, although most are sold, according to Goldie Clifford. The focus on Class A motorhomes is natural, Clifford said, since many of the own- ers are retired and are seeking more than a camping experience and are used to luxury. She said with some of the amenities that owners add to their lots the costs can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Everglades Isle is one of the smaller Class A-only resorts, but Clifford calls it a boutique resortthatopenedaboutnineyearsago.Itnot only offers gathering places for its residents andanon-sitespaofferingmassage,hairand nail services, it also has a full liquor license. The resort is open to renters from Nov. 1 to April 30, but owners, like any gated community,maycomeandgoastheyplease. The resort is located on the Barron River and offers access to the Mangroves Isles of the Ten Thousand Islands. Other amenities include a clubhouse, pool and movie theater. Most owners build on their lots and the most common building project is an outdoor kitchen, Clifford said, as well as an entertain- ment area. Moving west, the Las Vegas Motorhome (LVM) Resort in Las Vegas, Nev., is not only a gated community, but also has its own Home OwnersAssociationandtheClassAresortis the 5-star standard, said Jessica Smukal, general manager of LVM. The majority of the 407 lots have been sold, but like most luxury RV owner resorts, owned lots also can be rented through LVM. Amenities that attract residents include five pools, seven spas and laundry and restroom facilities at each of the four corners of the resort,aswellasanonsitedinernamed“Top of The Falls.” The resort also boasts a 10,000-square- foot clubhouse with features exclusive to owners, including a card room and billiard room. The resort opened in September 2001, offeringownersnotonlythe“feelingofbeing on vacation even when they’re home,” but also easy access to the Las Vegas strip, just four miles away, according to Smukal. She said the 41-acre resort features a tropicalsettingaccentedwithpalmtreesand flowering shrubs and is one of the only areas in the region with greenery. Located near Palm Springs, Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, Calif., accommodates Class A motorhomes that are 30 to 45 feet long, while the resort’s design and water features, along with the sense of community resort workers try to build, are among the biggest draws, according to Paul Johnson, general manager of the resort. Onsite amenities also include one of the “finestrestaurantsinthearea,fromitsseating views to its food and service,” Johnson said. “We have a varied demographic of Class A owners who enjoy being a part of the com- munity,” he said. “The majority of owners incorporate outdoor living spaces on their property in the 400-lot community, allowing them to visit and get to know their neighbors. Residents come from across the country and nearly every state, as well as Canada.” In addition, Johnson said, the unique waterways through the resort add to the luxurioussettingofthegatedcommunity.The resort also offers owners a yacht club, three swimming pools, golf courses, spa treat- ments and concierge service. — Terri Hughes-Lazzell WCM FloatingcementdocksatEvergladeIsleoffer better access for fishermen and boaters. Motorcoach Country Club has a restau- rantonsiteasaconvenienceforguests.