24 - January 2019 Woodall’s Campground Management traffic that is moving through.How do you take a worn-down floor and turn it into something that looks better? Spencer: If it were up to me, I would put linoleum down. I have talked with a few guys that have done it and they mention renting a floor buffer from the hardware store, striping the wood, leveling it and then restaining it. Benedict: If you’ve got a couple boards that are rotted out, you can usually cut those out and just replace the boards. If your floors need sanding and refinishing, you can sand them. We actually generally don’t recom- mend using a big belt sander or a big drum sander because they are harder to manage and can get away from you. We usually recommend using just a little portable sander and hand- sanding it. We did a test at our campground about a month ago and, I think, the guys were able to do it in about a half day. It makes a huge mess with lots of sawdust, so you want to get all the furniture out of there ahead of time. Get the floor sanded down, making sure all the old finish is off of it and then re-varnish it. You want to use light, thin coats of varnish and make sure that they cure all the way. Use a Scotch-Brite pad, dust it off and then another coat of varnish. You probably will want to do about four coats of var- nish — that’ll get you a good depth of finish, so you get a nice glossy brand- new looking floor. Prichard:How long will a finish like that last? Benedict: It depends on a number of different factors. Are you letting pets into the cabin? How much are your cabins being used? It should last a few years and if you get a good finish on there, it can stand up well.The types of floor varnishes that we use nowadays have additives built into them for foot traffic, so they hold up a lot better. Prichard: There are a lot of options for roofs — wood shake, asphalt shingles and metal roofs.What are the pros and cons of each roof and how do owners decide which type of roof to use? Benedict: Okay, this is kind of a big one. So, when do you replace a roof? What are you trying to accomplish? What’s the goal and why are you replacing it? You replace it, No. 1, if it’s leaking; No. 2, if it looks terrible and you’re getting comments about it or you don’t like the way it looks. Other than that, don’t mess with it. If it’s an old cedar shake roof and you think, ‘Oh, the shakes are all old and gray or they’re cracked and splin- tering,’ if it’s not leaking don’t mess with it. We usually recommend not putting anything on a cedar shake roof. There are some stains and colors that you can change, but you want to be careful with what you’re putting on. There’s a lot of old information about putting linseed oil and things like that on cedar shake roofs, but they feed the mildew and the fungus. They’re a food source for them, so that will make the lichen and the moss growing on a roof worse. And don’t pressure wash it — you’ll just splinter the shakes worse and create problems for yourself. You want something to protect the roof that’s going to last. So, when you’re considering the roofing option there are a few things to consider. What do you like the look of? Maybe you have other buildings on your campground that have a metal roof and you want to try and match it and make it look that way. It’s just like any- thing in construction.There’s pros and cons of each type. I kind of liken it to choosing floor decking. You could do wood floor decking — or you could do composite floor decking. If you’re going to put down composite floor decking, the pro is that it’s maintenance-free and you shouldn’t have to touch it; the con is you’re going to have to rip off the flooring and have to build extra sub-structure because you can’t span more than 10 or 12 inches. That’s fine if you don’t mind doing the extra work. Likewise, there’s considerations for each type of roofing. One of the prop- erties of cedar shake is that it’s stiff. So, intrinsically you could hang that cedar shake out over the edge of the roof decking and you’ve got extra eave extension. With the metal roof you can’t do that and with an asphalt shingle roof you can’t do that. Those shingles will curl right under. So, one of the considerations is that if you want an asphalt shingle roof and you want it to match residential struc- tures, you just need to add some extra support under it. You need to extend those eaves.With metal roofing one of the considerations is that you get sharp corners. These camping cabins have low roofs on the corners and you might have a camper go in and slice their forehead. So, you have to look at how are you going to trim that. There’s nothing wrong with any of these types of roofing — t just really depends on what you want, what you are trying to accomplish and if you should be messing with it at all. Prichard: Are there certain types of roofing that work better in certain areas of the country? Benedict: If you’re in the deep south or you’re on the coast or somewhere with high humidity, lots of rain, lots of moisture or if your cabins are in a Water has caused this cabin’s crosscut logs to sag. Water that leaks behind siding can cause panels to deteriorate.