WOODALLSCM.com January 2019 - 83 MARKETPLACE Currently, only 38% of parks with full Wi-Fi coverage also offer indoor connectivity in all their buildings. “Basically, with Wi-Fi you are trying to a deliver a signal to a site, but it has to penetrate your RV or the material of whatever you’re staying in,” Stumberg explained. “That’s where you get into designing a network that has a strong enough signal strength to penetrate an RV.The challenge with some Airstreams or with a lot of park models is they might not be able to connect anywhere in a park model. Specifically, if the park model was installed after the network was built.” He said that park owners need to be aware that people who are staying in cabins or park models may be also bringing different devices and that they may be a different type of customer, with different expectations. Stumberg explained that many park owners are now installing a dedicated connection inside of their units to make sure that theWi-Fi signal works. “You really want to make sure that the signal in a unit like that is working right because your campers are paying a premium to rent that unit,” he noted. “They could have five people in a park model — and all of them have devices and you really want all of them to work well.” Stumberg also noted that owners should also evaluate their community buildings to ensure that the coverage in those areas is meeting the demand. To access a full pdf of the report Stumberg said park owners should email TengoInternet at [email protected] tengointernet.com.—BenQuiggle WCM TengoInternet —from page 14 of a network,” Stumberg said. “It will support a lot of devices trying to do a lot of different things.” Heexplainedthattoensuretheirnet- workisstayinguptodateitisimportant for owners to communicate with their Wi-Fi equipment providers. “They also need to make sure that their system is designed well to guaran- tee that it will provide coverage to every site,” Stumberg explained. Owners Embrace Service Fees The 2018 report also shows that 35% of park owners are offering free, unlim- ited Wi-Fi to their campers while 65% now offer a free period, basic plan or managed speeds and a pay plan. Stumberg noted that one of the more interesting aspects of the new report was that most of the parks that were highly rated in the Wi-Fi department now charge for a premium plan. “These owners are now willing to in- vest in fiber or other upgrades, but they are doing so by telling their campers that they are going to have to pay a fee for premium service,” he said. “They will provide a basic service, but if the camper wants streaming capabilities they are going to need to pay more.The move is helping owners offset some of the expense of taking on the upgrades.” Formanyownersitmaybeeasytofall into the trap of just placing outdoor antennas,lookingtoboostaWi-Fisignal to every site, but the 2018 report shows thatasmoreownersincreasetheircabin and park model inventory there is a real need for indoor antennas as well. Towable Sales Up 4.5% for 10 Months Towable sales ticked up slightly for the first 10 months of 2018 as overall retail regis- trations rose 4.5%. According to the latest report from Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI), results by category showed: • Travel trailer sales climbed 4.6% for the 10 months. • Fifth-wheel registrations rose 6.2% through October. • Folding camping trailer sales dropped 11.4% for the 10 months. • Park model RV sales edged up 2.6% through October. ThorIndustriesInc.wasthetowablesales leader for the 10 months with a 48.4% share ofthemarket,aheadofForestRiverInc.own- ing a 35% share and Grand Design RV Co. (5.8%). By segment, Thor was No. 1 in travel trail- ers through October with a 48.4% market share, followed by Forest River (36.6%). Thor led fifth-wheel sales with a 53.2% market share, followed by Forest River (26.7%) and Grand Design (13.7%). Infoldingcampingtrailers,ForestRiverled the category for the first 10 months with a 72.4% market share while Columbia North- west/Aliner Inc. garnered a 12.2% share and Thorhelda9.5%share.SkylineChampionled the park model segment with a 30.2% market share, followed by Cavco Industries Inc. (19%)andKropfIndustriesInc.(17.1%). WCM