22 - July 2019 Woodall’s Campground Management Fireside Industries Inc. The Pop-Up Fire Pit continues to gain traction for Surprise, Ariz.-based Fireside Industries Inc., according to Mark Wolf, president of the company. Things have been going so well, Wolf told WCM, that the company is currently moving into a larger space so that it has more room to manufacture the fire pits. Originally created for the Boy Scouts of America, the fire pits are designed to be portable. Wolf said that the company has begun to see more interest from camp- ground owners that are tired of having to maintain a traditional fire pit. “Owners don’t have to dig out all the fire pits and perform a lot of the extra mainte- nance that goes into ensuring a traditional fire pit continues to run efficiently,” he explained. Instead, he noted that owners can either provideorrentoutthePop-UpFirePit,which is constructed of stainless-steel and aluminum and allows campers to cook items on the pit while the ashes are collected by a tray to be dumped into an ash container that the campground owner can provide. Wolf said some owners are now selling the Pop-Up Fire Pit — designed to be a For many campers, camping is synony- mous with time spent around a campfire, talking to friends and family, roasting marsh- mallows and enjoying the area’s natural surroundings. For campground owners, making sure campers are given the right setup and tools to enjoy their time around a campfire is key toensuringtheirmemoriesarepositiveones. From fire rings to fire starters, hot dogs sticks and more, there are a variety of products that owners can both provide and sell to their campers. Given that it is now the height of the camping season, Woodall’s Campground Management (WCM) checked in with a number of suppliers to see what is popular for use around the campfire. Chadwick Manufacturing Grills continue to be a popular product for Chadwick, Ill.-based Chadwick Manufactur- ing, noted owner Allen Smith. Hesaidthatownersarealwayslookingto replace fire rings and grills because of the heavyusetheyendureatmostparks,adding that business in 2019 has been going well for the company, which manufactures everything it sells. “Things have been pretty steady for us thelastfewyears,”SmithexplainedtoWCM. (800) 732-4602 www.chadwickmfg.com full-sized fire pit — in their stores as well. “It really solves some of the problems with having a fire, there is less smoke, and it reallyhelpscampersleavenotracebehind,” he explained. (623) 207-9333 www.campfiredefender.com Frosty’s Park Equipment Morristown, Tenn.-based Frosty’s Park Equipment has introduced a Heavy-Duty Fireplace Grate to its lineup as well as an 8-inchby30-inchfirering,accordingtoSales Manager Eric Shoemaker. Fireringsandgrillscontinuetobethebest sellers for the company, he noted. “We have a fire ring that has a swing-in grill attachment,” he explained. “We also have come up with some hangers that people can use to put on their grills to hold their cooking utensils.” Replacement orders continue to be the majority of what the company is seeing, as more owners look to replace grills and fire rings. “Every few years those products are going to need replaced,” Shoemaker said. (800) 376-7897 www.parkequipment.com Jamestown Advanced Products Heavy-duty fire rings featuring seven- gauge steel are a popular product at Jamestown, N.Y.-based Jamestown Advanced Products, according to the com- pany’s Marketing Associate Julia Anderson. “The rings are designed to withstand heavy commercial use,” she explained. The company also sells a Fire View Ring, which features cutout designs that offer a 360-degree view of the fire. “Along with our Fire View Ring, we offer many additional ring styles that range in size to fit any fire,” Anderson noted. “Our fire rings also have the option of a cooking grate to allow guests to cook meals over the fire.” The Luxury Fire Pit Kit features two fully removablecookingsurfacesandanashpan, an “integral” log grate and a “completely- welded, simple drop-in assembly.” It can be customized to fit any standard paver stone setup. Jamestown also offers a line of campsite grills that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. (800) 452-0639 www.jamestownadvanced.com Natural Outdoor Supplies Fire Liters, which Natural Outdoor Supplies introduced over the last year, con- tinue to sell well, according to John Roth, owner of the Dunedin, Fla.-based company. The fire lighters are eco-friendly, made from 99% recycled materials and are produced in the U.S., noted Roth. “The product also has an unlimited shelf life and doesn’t dry out because there are no petroleum products in the lighters,” he explained. “The Fire Liters come in either a 4- or 12-pack, or a 36-piece box.” Natural Outdoor Supplies also sells Colorful Fire, a product which is designed to turnacampfireintodifferentshadesofcolor. “Our product is higher quality than a lot of the other similar products that are being used,” Roth said. “The color seems to last longer and is more vibrant.” The company also offers its S’Morpak, S’Morstix and S’MorBox products, which Rothnotedcontinuetobepopular.“Theyare impulse items and the owners we work with arefindingthattheproductssellreallywell,” he explained. (815) 353-3980 www.naturaloutdoorsupplies.com Pilot Rock Pilot Rock, the campground furnishings line of Cherokee, Iowa-based RJ Thomas Mfg. Co., offers a variety of products includ- ing fire rings and grills that hit a variety of price points and sizes for their customers. Bob Simonsen, marketing manager, told WCM that the company has been seeing an uptick in sales of a “swivel grate” option for fire pits, which is designed to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). “A lot of customers are adapting it or applying it to smaller, shorter campfire rings, selecting that grate option for rings that wouldn’t be tall enough for wheelchair access,” he noted. “It’s proven to be a real popular feature for us.” BY BEN QUIGGLE PRODUCTS TO MAKE THE CAMPFIRE EXPERIENCE A MEMORABLE ONE FOR GUESTS Spending time around a campfire is an important aspect of the camping experience and numerous compa- nies offer products to make the ex- perience an even better one. Model 180 Ring & Grill Pop-Up Fire Pit Fire View Ring Fire Ring and Grill 12-pack of Fire Liters Fire Pit Cover