WOODALLSCM.com July 2019 - 23 GO GREEN Designed to pivot on a post, the swivel grate is operational using one hand and, per ADA guidelines, requires less than five pounds of force to move. Pilot Rock also offers larger fire rings — 48-inch and 56-inch — that can be utilized for group fire pits. “These pits are a little too large for individual sites,” Simonsen said. A galvanized steel fire pit cover for 30- inchfirepitsisalsoanotherPilotRockoption. Simonsen noted that it can be used to snuff out fires and prevent the spread of sparks or other flammable materials in the pit. All the fire rings that Pilot Rock sells are anchored to the ground in some way, according to Simonsen. The anchoring is meant to make sure the fire rings stay at the desired campsite and don’t “walk away.” (800) 762-5002 www.pilotrock.com Premier Outdoors LLC Elkhorn, Wisc.-based Premier Outdoors LLC sells charcoal, disposable grills, fire rings,firestartersandmuchmore,according to Kristen Monroe, a marketing representa- tive for the company. “Sales were a little slower during the early part of the season, but they are picking up like crazy now,” she noted. “I think the long winter made an impact.” She said they are still receiving a lot of orders for their Go Green fire ring. The ring ispartofthecompany’s“GoGreen,GoSafe” initiative.Theinitiativeisbasedoffthe“leave no trace behind” principle of company founder, David Paczocha. AspenTreeEZandthecompany’sColorful Fireproducts are some of their most popular products. “We want campers to use safe, all-nat- ural products that are good for their health and environmentally friendly,” Monroe said. (866) 378-6678 www.premieroutdoorsllc.com The Wolf’em Stick Founded by Spencer Harrison and his brother, Tanner, South Jordan, Utah-based Wolf’em Sticks has continued to grow. Financed at first by the two brothers, who were in their late teens at the time, their mother, Julie Harrison, is now helping to run the business while Spencer is away in Thai- land on a mission trip for the next two years. Harrisonnotedthatthecompanyrecently rolled out a three-piece version of the Wolf’em Stick. “Our initial Wolf’em Stick was one piece and it had the biscuit-roasting attachment at the end and the rotary handle,” she explained. “But people kept saying, ‘We want to roast our marshmallows and hotdogs,’soSpencerandTannerwenttothe design board and figured out the best way to roast marshmallows and hotdogs is with a backwards-facing fork so you don’t poke eyes and don’t injure people. “Their backwards facing fork holds a whole entire hotdog on them and you can also roast vegetables; it’s interchangeable with the biscuit attachment,” Harrison continued. Along with the three-piece stick, Wolf’em also now sells a bag which carries all three pieces. “We also have introduced our Wolf’em cookbookcalledCampingTimeandithasour top 21 recipes that can be made with the stick,” Harrison said. The company currently sells the stick to both consumers and campground owners, and Harrison said it has been a challenge to reach more campground owners that might be willing to sell the product in their stores. “We have been working with the great team at Wilcor, but it still takes a lot of marketing on our part to make sure owners are seeing the product,” she highlighted. (801) 556-1439 www.wolfem.com WCM EZ Starts’ fire lighters The Wolf’em Stick OutdoorsyOfferingBookableExperienceswithRVRentals aprivatewinerytourinNapa,Calif.,to a sightseeing helicopter flight over the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania tosnorkelingalongtheFrenchRiviera. “With the launch of experiences, Outdoorsy is giving customers what they desire — but may not have knowntheywanted—outofatrip.We are investing in areas that comple- ment our core offerings to provide our users with the opportunity to expand theirrentalexperiencebeyondjustthe rigitself,”saysOutdoorsyCEOandco- founder Jeff Cavins. Outdoorsy plans to expand its experience offerings with new part- ners set to be announced in the year ahead. Outdoorsy also recently announced its new affiliation with ReserveAmerica.com, which will allow more than 14.5 million visitors annually to discover RVs, road trips, and outdoor experiences. WCM Outdoorsy, an RV rental com- pany, announced in late June an ex- pansion of its platform that will help consumers create custom outdoor experiences. In a press release, Outdoorsy said it had selected Viator, a TripAdvisor- owned marketplace for tours, activi- ties,andattractions,asitsfirstpartner. A product integration with Viator brings more than 200,000 bookable global trip experiences to the Out- doorsyplatform,offeringoptionsfrom