4 - July 2019 Woodall’s Campground Management Website and mobile app CampUSA has added hundreds of new camp- grounds and enhanced functionality to its database, allowing users to locate properties and book reservations at morethan1,200top-ratedcampgrounds across the nation, according to a com- pany spokesperson. CampUSA now includes camp- grounds from industry leaders Thou- sand Trails, Encore, Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA), and Campground Reviews. WithCampUSA,camperscanexplore a variety of RV sites and vacation rentals like cabins, cottages, and yurts. Cam- pUSA allows campers to search for campgrounds by current location, state, campground name, and amenities. Campers can view photos, descriptions, and nearby campgrounds. CampUSA already has logged nearly 150,000 downloads and is featured on the Apple App Store’s “New Apps We Love.” WCM SEPI Marketing’s “RV Bunch” Reaches Facebook 1M Interaction Milestone modifications/improvements and other useful information needed while on the road. “Our ability to grow digital audi- ences is solely based on giving peo- ple high quality, positive, uplifting and relevant content. We receive hundreds of private messages weekly thanking the group for find- ing new favorite places to visit,” said McGuinn. SEPI Marketing admits that the group was initially created to high- light its partner campgrounds and RV resorts. According to the company, now the group also helps SEPI understand things that are important to outdoor enthusiast — which helps them create content that is well received by the RV travel community. Additionally, the group has increased viewership of www.- MobileRVing.com and downloads of SEPI Marketing’s MobileRVing 4.0 mobile application. “In addition to the Bunch, our mobile application and online plat- forms are performing extremely well, and we hear constantly from our partners on how much they appreciate these website referrals,” explained McGuinn. WCM handful of carnival games, including one manned by Ryan Szklarek,administration manager for the RV/MH Hall of Fame, called “To Infinity and Beyond,” in which kids tried to throw a ring around Buzz Lightyear’s rocket ship. Another game, “There’s A Snake In My Boots,” was manned by RV/MH Hall of Fame President/Treasurer Darryl Searer, who told Woodall’s Campground Management that he was pleasantly sur- prised at the huge turnout given the rain. Indeed, Disney’s “film ambassadors” who accompany the RV on the Summer Road Trip said many tour stops have fea- tured a three-hour wait, and one of the most often asked questions was whether people could go inside the motorhome. They can- not, but a placard outside the RV provided details of the TMC Outlaw for anyone who was interested. The Go RVing Coalition partnered with Disney/Pixar for the “Toy Story 4” movie, in which Bonnie and her family take a road trip in an RV. The Summer Road Trip was part of the marketing outreach for the film’s premiere on June 21. Elkhart is one of 20 cities hosting the nationwide tour of the “Toy Story 4” Summer Road Trip. — Rick Kessler WCM The RV Bunch, a SEPI Market- ing trademark, announced its closed Facebook group of RV en- thusiasts reached over one million interactions in 28 days, according to Brian McGuinn, director of SEPI Marketing. “This group is growing so quickly. Now we have five modera- tors monitoring the group 24/7,” said McGuinn. The group refers to themselves as “The Bunchers.” In order to gain access to the group, campers need to answer a series of questions about their camping preferences and unit types they own. Once in, Bunchers can share their knowl- edge with others on top camp- grounds to visit, DIY unit ToyStory4RoadTripMakesStopatRVHallofFame Kids play a game during the “Toy Story 4” Summer Road Trip stop in Elkhart, Ind. CampUSA Adds Parks, Ex- pands Functionality of App Associations ReportWet Spring in the U.S. is Not Slowing Down Campers thegreatestimpact,”sheexplained.“Butwe are beginning to have some dryer and warmer days.” She said that even though the weather hasbeenwet,parkownersarestillreporting strong numbers. In Pennsylvania, Beverly Gruber, execu- tive director of the Pennsylvania Camp- ground Owners Association (PCOA), noted that only one of PCOA’s member campgrounds reported major flood- ing, Indian Brave Campground in Zelienople, which has only a portion of the park open. Earlier in the spring tornadoes were a problem at two campgrounds, Keen Lake CampingandCottageResortinWaymartand WaterSide Campground and RV Park in Lewistown. Volunteers and campers helped owners of both parks clean up after the tornadoes passed through. Despite wet weather in other states — Ohio,forexample,reportedrecordrainfall— campground owners and state associations have reported mild issues as campers are filling up parks. “Campground owners in the areas of concern here in Ohio say their parks are up and running,” said Kristy Smith, executive director of the Ohio Campground Owners Association. “Some canoe liveries along popular river destina- tions have reported temporary closures during periods of high water, which can make it unsafe for use by kayakers and canoers, but campers are enjoying the other activities these parks offer.” — Ben Quiggle WCM While park owners throughout the U.S. have had to battle wet conditions this spring — including some flooding — most report that campers are still filling their parks. Brian McGuinn Kristy Smith Beverly Gruber A wet spring throughout sections of the U.S. has left some park owners with a mess to clean up, while also trying to welcome campers as the camping season hits high gear. Wanda Bailey, co-owner of Bach- Acher’s Campsites in Himrod, N.Y., a 25-site campground on the western shore of Seneca Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes re- gion,reportedtheparkhashadawetseason sofarbuttherainhasn’tnegativelyimpacted their facility or the camping season. To date, she said, only two people have canceled reservations but cited reasons other than the weather. “Wehaveagoodgrade,sothewatercan run off,” she mentioned. Bailey said despite the rain this has been the park’s busiest season yet. “You wouldn’t believe the number of peoplewe’veturnedawaythisyear(forsea- sonalandtransientsites),”shenoted.“More and more people are camping, I’m not sure if it’s from all the wineries around here, but we don’t have the room to fit all of them.” GreggandKellyNicholls,ownersofLake Bluff Campground in Wolcott, N.Y., told Woodall’s Campground Management that they have had a very wet season so far, as well, adding that the rain and flooding they haveexperiencedhasmadeitdifficulttopre- pare their park for the busy summer season. The Nicholls have brought in more than 100 tons of gravel to firm up sites and help accommodate their guests. Kathy Dyer, execu- tive director of the Maine Campground Owners Association, noted that a lot of own- ers are dealing with “very wet” sites as flooding has receded, but rain continues to be an issue. “Parksalongtherivershaveencountered Kathy Dyer Despite the rainy weather, hundreds of people waited in line for the “Toy Story 4” Summer Road Trip tour stop on June 20 at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind. In fact, more than 100 people waited in- side the Northern Indiana Event Center — the event was moved indoors due to the weather — a half hour before it officially opened, and by 9:30 a.m. there were about 400 people in a line that snaked around the room. In the middle of it all was an Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome by Thor Motor Coach (TMC), which was fully wrapped in vinyl featuring images of Toy Story charac- ters including Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Bo Peep, as well as new characters coming to the big screen such as Forky, Bunny, Ducky and Duke Caboom. The motorhome was surrounded by a