6 - July 2019 Woodall’s Campground Management TheNationalAssociationofRVParksandCampgrounds (ARVC) is partnering with Hytropy, a disaster management company, to host a new CPR/Emergency Response Plan WorkshopattheOutdoorHospitalityConferenceandExpo (OHCE) this fall. OHCE is taking place from Nov. 4-7 at the Knoxville Con- vention Center in Knoxville, Tenn. The purpose of this interactive workshop is to assist at- tendees in developing, implementing and activating a suc- cessful disaster preparedness program. The workshop, led by PatrickHardy, president of Hytropy, promises to provide anextensiveandimmersiveeducationalexperienceforpark owners and operators, according to a press release. This one-day event is an “Add-on Experience” at OHCE and will take place Nov. 4 at ARVC member-park Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. Through this workshop, attendees will: • Become certified in CPR (civilian rescuer); •Identifytheelementsofasuccessfullyimplementeddis- aster plan; • Determine the requirements to train staff to effectively implement the disaster plan; • Learn the dynamics of a disaster plan and training by participatinginafull-scaleexercisefeaturingactualdisaster personnel, and discover how to capture the lessons learned afterward. Attendees can sign up for the CPR/Emergency Response Plan workshop along with their OHCE registration or can choose to attend the workshop on its own. For more information about OHCE or to register, visit www.arvc.org/OHCE. WCM Emergency planning, including specialized vehicles like this golf cart, will be discussed during a new ARVC class. ARVC,Hytropy to Host Emergency PlanningWorkshop at OHCE Study Shows RV Industry Has $114 Billion Economic Impact Goodyear,KOATeam Up forValue Kard Discount The new RVs Move America Economic Im- pactStudy,releasedattheannualmeetingofthe RVIndustryAssociation(RVIA),revealedthatthe RV industry had an overall economic impact to the U.S. economy of $114 billion, supporting nearly 600,000 jobs, contributing more than $32 billioninwagesandpayingover$12billioninfed- eral,state,andlocaltaxes. The announcement was made by Garry Enyart, chairman of RVIA. “What the study reveals is that RVs are not just the familiar highway scene of an American summer,”saidEnyart.“Indeed,RVsaretheheart ofanindustrythathasbecomeanAmericanjug- gernaut,abusinessthathastripledinsizesince theGreatRecessionof2009.” The$114billiontotalannualRVindustryeco- nomicimpactincludes: • $68 billion generated by RV manufacturers andsuppliers; •$25.6billionbyRVcampgroundsandrelated travel;and • $20.1 billion by RV sales and service activi- ties. In 2018, 482,389 RVs were made in the U.S., with towable vehicles accounting for 88% of shipments to dealers, and motorized vehicles 12%. The25millionAmericanswhogoRVingeach year contribute not only to the U.S. economy in general,butspecificallytotheoutdoorrecreation economy — which, according to the U.S. De- partment of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, represents 2.2% of the U.S. gross do- mesticproduct. The RVs Move America Economic Impact Study includes all companies involved in the manufacture, sale, rental, repair, storage, and serviceofRVs,aswellastheaftermarketindus- try and the financing and insurance of RV pur- chasesandtheeconomicimpactofRVtravel. The greatest economic impact of the RV in- dustryisfeltinstateswiththepresenceofsignif- icant manufacturing facilities and robust RV sales.Indiana—wheretheRVmanufacturingin- dustrywasfounded—topsthelistofstateswith more than $32 billion in total economic activity, followedbyCalifornia,Texas,OregonandOhio. A total of 29 states each accounted for at least $1 billion in total economic activity. The economic impact of each state and congressional district can be found at www.RVsMoveAmerica.org. WCM The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) have teamed up to provide discounts on ve- hicle and trailer tires for all KOA Value Kard members and campers purchased online at www.goodyear.com. “Goodyear is pleased to support this pas- sionate community of campers and their spirit of adventure through the launch of this special KOA reward program,” said Jay Robinson, general manager of ecommerce for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. “As KOA members embark on future road trips, we want Goodyear to bring you to all of your destinations.” “It’s pivotal for KOA partners to support the camping journey,” said Whitney Scott, vice presidentofmarketingatKOA.“WithGoodyear, they ensure not only a great value for our campers, but great products as well.” WCM