b'2019 CONVENTION PREVIEW BY BEN QUIGGLEKOA Looks to Build on Success with a Future- on hiring and staffing. Every year that comes up as one of theFocused 2019 International Convention & Expo top difficulties our owners experience so weare going to have her lead two workshops.One will be on hiring the right person and thesecond will be on leadership, she explained.The convention will also feature a sessionon revenue management that will have bothabeginnerandanadvancedtrack.Humphrey said owners that were surveyedlast year mentioned they would like a work-shop with different levels of learning, de-pending on what an owner feels they need. Its something that we have to really thinkabout when were delivering our workshops,topics that are going to apply to everyone orif we can break them up into beginner andadvanced levels, she explained. The revenue management class will beled by Russ French, a business developmentconsultant at KOA. Another hot topic for many owners is mer-chandising, according to Humphrey, and KOAhas invited Diana Dawson, vice presidentand director of consulting at New York, N.Y.-based Envirosell Inc., to lead a three-part se-ries on merchandising. Thefirstclasswillbestartingfromscratchif you dont even know where tobegin and you are kind of a beginner in thataspect with KOA, she said. Maybe you justbought a campground and you dont have theslightest idea of what to do with merchandis-ing. The next session will be building on whatyou know; its taking what youve alreadylearned to the next level. The third part will beAttendees to the 2019 International Convention & Expo will be able another continuation of that. to choose from 20 workshops and visit more than 150 vendors. So far more than 150 vendors have com-mitted to take part in the conventions expo,including a number of unique accommoda-Coming off a record year for reservations are also doing a pre-convention activity as cused on that will lead the company into the tion providers that will be showing off theirmade through KOA.com, and a 2018 conven- part of our partnership with Thor Industries future.units. tion that drew in more than 600 campground Inc. and the Pickup America campaign. We KOA will also be presenting its annual We are really trying to encourage ourownersandoperators,Kampgroundsof will be taking a busload of attendees to beau- awards to park owners, including the Camp- vendors to bring their products because it isAmericaInc. (KOA)isexpectinganother tify a Savannah park. ground of the Year, Rising Star, Presidents completely different when somebody cangreat turnout to its 2019 International Con- The conventions theme is Together To- and Founders awards. Two parksthe El touch and feel the products, versus seeing itvention&Expo,accordingtoKama ward Tomorrow, and Humphrey said that it Reno West KOA Journeyin Geary, Okla., and on a flyer, Humphrey said. Humphrey, KOAs director of training and is meant to get the owners thinking about the the Lyman KOA Journey in Lyman, Wyo.On the final night of the convention, Nov.events.future as KOA wraps up big initiatives such will also be recognized as being KOA parks 13, the annual KOA Care Camps auction willScheduled for Nov. 10-13 at the Westin as the companys brand positioning efforts for 50 years. be held, and KOA is also bringing in an improvSavannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa in Sa- and the launch of its new K2 software.Attendees will be able to pick from 20 troupe, Dads Garage, which is based out ofvannah, Ga., Humphrey said the Savannah The keynote address for this years con- workshops to attend at this years conference Atlanta, Ga.area should be a big draw for convention at- ference will be given by Kelly McDonald, and Humphrey said that KOA is bringing back, KOA owners can register for the auctiontendees.who Humphrey said is a marketing expert by popular demand, Glenna Hecht, founder and learn more about the conference byThe convention center is right along the and founder of McDonald Marketing, based of Humanistic Consulting, for two sessions going to www.eKamp.com. WCMriver and it is an absolutely gorgeous area, in Denver, Colo. she explained. It is also right across from the She is very knowledgeable on consumer The annual conference serves as a way for KOA officials to update theirhistoric downtown section of the city.trends and is going to be talking about trends owners on what the company is focused on moving into the future.This years Welcome Reception will be in the industry and what owners should lookheld in the courtyard of the hotel and will fea- forward to in the future, she explained. ture an actor that will play the role of Forrest There will also be general sessions heldGump.during breakfast and lunch each day of theThe majority of the movie was filmed in conference where KOA officials, includingSavannah, so the actor will have his box of new CEO and President Toby ORourke, arechocolates and he will be sitting on his bench going to talk about the future vision of thefor photo-ops, Humphrey explained. We company and the projects that KOA is fo-Officials at KOA have developed workshops theyhope will help strengthen their owners businesses.18 -October 2019Woodalls Campground Management'