b'Northgate Resortsfrom page 4 art reservation system are important toNorthgatessuccess,thecompanyalsothe reasons for her companys focus on em- knows that the guest experience is whatployee appreciation. keeps customers coming back.We try to relieve pressure with weekly Meaningful experiences are what setsdepartment manager calls, training pro- us apart, said Greta Bossenbroek. Wegrams and even our gratitude events, like focus on making sure campers of all kindsemployeeappreciationweek,Greta will be able to find activities to keep themBossenbroek explained. busy their whole stay. Northgate attributes much of its growth Betweenourvarietyofamenitiesin recent years to Campspot, a reservation which include water parks, ninja coursessoftware platform it developed to give its and bumper boats to our themed eventsparks an edge over the competition.occurring all year and spanning patrioticWe are thriving on the system, as it al- parades to fire dancers, we know werelows our customer service representatives givinguniqueexperiencesguestscantto focus more on the campground experi- wait to tell their friends about, she added. Northgate Resorts tries to create meaningful experiencesby adding amenities, such as water features at its parks. Shot too far away from the campsite, the road is the main focus of this photo instead of thecampsite, which the viewer cant get a good look at. photo, either in the foreground of a park owners to go beyond what theregroup shot or in a photo that shows is to do at the park and to take pho-fewer than seven people.tos of area attractions. Park owners should always err on There are typically reasons thatthe side of caution, he said. If a people will come to a park, he ex-person balks at signing the release, plained. Some of those reasons maymentionscompensation,ortakes be area attractions and if you reallyawhile to read a release, then it is think out of the box, take some pho-best not to use photos of that person tos of those locations and highlightormembersoftheirfamilyand them on your page, you could drawfriends. in more guests.Schaeffer said that a lot of times In the end, it is about creating apark owners can incorporate a re- brand,accordingtoEdward,and enceandlessonreservations.Inone Officials say Northgate is also dedicatedlease into their check-in materials.photoshelptellthestoryofthat campground, 80% of reservations are made to providing its campers unique and Insta-In essence you are telling people brand.online, said Zach Bossenbroek. It gives gram-worthy accommodations. up front that photos of them may be Campers want to see photos and an intuitive experience to the camper as Were always willing to try somethingtaken and utilized in promotional videos of the park, he said. It helps to sites appear on a map, and it walks them trendy, whether thats tiny homes or treetopmaterial, he explained.convert possible campers into campers through the process like hotel software. cabins, said Zach Bossenbroek. BenSchaeffer said he also encourages who are booking reservations.WCM While excellent staff and a state-of-the- Quiggle and Kevin CarlinWCMWOODALLSCM.com October 2019-37'