b'BY BEN QUIGGLEindustry. able to pay the lower tax rate and take but basically the long and the short of ing from the get-go.The decision doesnt make any ref- thedifferencetoreinvestandgrow it is if owners want to automatically WCM: What is the governments mo-erence at all to the fact that the motiva- their business. The campground own- qualify for the small business tax de- tivation to label RV parks and camp-tion for people go to a campground is ers are actually now being told that duction, they must have at least five grounds as non-recreational entities? forrecreationalpurposes.Insteadit they no longer can grow their busi- full-time, year-round employees. Most Anderson: Money. We have proposedsays that these parks are more similar nessesbecause theyve lost this tax of our member parks have to close dur- two solutions to the current govern-to mobile home parks and that they are rate. All of the money that would have ing the winter, or the overwhelming ment that could fix this issue, but nei-moreresidentialthanrecreational. gone into creating jobs and improving majority of them have to close, because therofourproposedsolutionswasThats a very big distinction to lose. their parks is now going to be going to of the weather and because they have adopted. I think where we shake ourCampgrounds are recreational; people the federal government to pay taxes. to agree to and abide by their munici- headsthemostisthefactthatthegotocampgroundsbecauseofthe wholenotionthatthesearerecre-services that are offered at the camp- ationalbusinessesappearstohaveground. What seems to have been to- been completely lost in translation tally lost in the decision is why people and were not quite sure why. Peoplegocamping.Basically,thedecision dont go camping unless there is some-wouldbeakintoeverycamperin thing to do. Most of the parks offer aNorth America wanting to go and park tremendous amount of services andin a farmers field. That would be the the capital costs that goes into provid-camping experience. ing services in a campground is a veryWCM: If I am a park owner, how does expensive proposition.this impact me?WCM: What is the associations planAnderson: InCanada,youcanfile of action to hopefully reverse this deci-your taxes as a sole proprietor or part- sion?nership or you can become an incor- Anderson: Campground owners haveporated business. This decision only 30 days to appeal the decision that wasaffects incorporated campgrounds. Ef- handed down at the beginning of Sep-fectively, in Canada right now, a small tember. The association is waiting tobusinessispayingincometaxesof While park owners in Ontario are still looking to find ways to invest in their parks, the see if they decide to appeal the deci-about 14% after receiving a small busi- removal of their small business designation could make that harder. sion. We are also voicing our opinionsness tax deduction. This decision will on the matter during this election cycletake that deduction away and increase WCM: WCMhasseensomecom- pal bylaw which forces them to close.andwearehopingtoseepositivean owners income tax rate from 14% to ments from park owners that are wor- Because of this decision you are now changes in the government as citizensabout 43%. Its a massive jump.ried they may have to close because of telling a seasonal business that they go to the polls in October. We remainThe ironic thing about this is that this decision. Is that something you are must have five full-time, year-round optimistic that we can work with who-the small business tax deduction was concerned about?employees. Most of them are located in ever wins the election to try and getcreated in order that small business Anderson: Wehaventheardthose rural areas that, if they could find five this fixed. owners could be given a favorable tax comments directly, but I would not be people to hire it would be a miracle, WCM: Glamping is a buzz word rightrate so they could actually invest in surprised. Canadian tax law is as com- and on top of that they have to close now and the different types of accom-their own businesses. They would be plicated as any other countrys tax law, their parks. Its a very challenging rul- modations that go along with it. Obvi-WOODALLSCM.com October 2019-39'