b'BY CAITLIN MORTONMore than 150 loads of gravel were required to fix drainage issues that plagued the park.counted. Now we are down to two or front of the restaurant, Glenda said. Ithree a year. figured the more things I have to offer,Since Triple G Hideaway RV Park was the more people might choose to stay atno longer able to rely on the more stable this campground. So far, people are re-monthly revenue from seasonal work- ally liking it. ers,theSimpsonshadtoturntheir The park also offers laundry servicesfocus more towards the travelers of the and an RV wash station for the conven-AlaskaHighway.Unfortunately,for ience of its guests, with plans to add amany RVers making the trip to and from horseshoe pit and perhaps a pickle-ballAlaska, Fort Nelson is more known for court to give guests more activities dur-being a quick fuel and grocery-restock- ing their stay.ing stop rather than a destination along But more importantly than providingthe way. Many people only book one activitiesandattractionsfortheirguests,thefirstandforemost element totheTripleGHide-aways strategy is cus-tomer service. Our number oneisalwayscustomerservice, Glenda said.Thatsthemainthing.Youvegottokeeppeoplehappyand keep them com-ing back. Youve got toTransitioning from selling products at the front of the restaurant, the keeptheword-of-park opened a gift shop this year.mouth going.AsGlendafoundnight,anddontevenunhooktheir out from experience, it is a lot of worktowed vehicles.and a long road back from a negativeOne of our goals that weve set is try- reputation. ing to get people to stay here for two I think the biggest thing Ive learneddays.Ifyougetthemfortwo,then since Ive owned a campground is to nottheyre more likely to unhook their ve- read the online reports. I used to cryhicles so they can go and venture out, when I first read some of the online re-Glenda said. ports, Glenda shared, referring to theTheyhavebeenactivelyworking earlier years of playing catch-up withwith the town to spread the word to the park. If we see one where there is aAlaska Highway RVers ahead of time legitimate complaint, then yeah, we re-about more local attractions and events ally want to know it. But Ive learnedthat would be perfect for a multi-day that you try but you cant keep everybodystop. The TripleGHideawayiscon- happy. There are going to be mistakes,nected via a short walking path to the Camground Profile continued on page 48visitor center, the recreation center which is complete with fitness facilities, Campground Overviewa rock wall and a full aquatic centerName:Triple G Hideaway RV Parkand the Fort Nelson History Museum.The town offers a movie theater, golf Address: 5651 Alaska Hwy., Fort course, fishing holes, a downtown and Nelson, BC V0C 1R0day trips to the Northwest TerritoriesPhysical Description: Located at a major checkmark for the northward Mile 300 of The Alaska Highway, thetraveler. Triple G Hideaway RV Park is a bigThe Simpsons have also worked to rig-friendly park offering 130 full-increasetheiron-siteactivitiesand hookup, 30-amp, gravel sites with fireamenities to bring the northern Cana-dianexperiencerighttotheircus- pits and picnic tables. Park amenitiestomers. One of the main attractions is include a full-service rustic familytherustic,full-servicerestaurant restaurant and bar with patio, gifthoused in a restored, old-fashion build- shop, 24-hour coin laundry and RVing with a large SALOON sign with de- pressure wash station, Wi-Fi andcommissionedoldriflesasdoor cable at some sites, and a walkinghandles.Theinsideisadornedwith path to nearby local attractions.northern-themed dcor from the taxi- Season: MaySeptemberdermy to the saddle barstools.New this year is a gift shop next to the Website: www.tripleghideaway.comrestaurant.Contact: (250) 774-2340WCMI used to have a lot of items in theWOODALLSCM.com October 2019-43'