b'Holding Tank Productsfrom page 14 have been trying to persuade the state toExtension School. ban for more than two decades, Camp- CAMPGROUNDCalNOW officials say. Meanwhile, some park operators and Current and former California parkfranchise chains are encouraging the use operators and industry officials have longof environmentally friendly holding-tank maintained that the idea of holding themproducts. responsible for what their guests dumpKampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) into their septic systems is ridiculous.has no requirement that campstores sell They were going to hold campgroundonly environmentally friendly holding- operators responsible for whatever cametank products, but we through (our wastewater-treatment sys-stronglyencourage tem). But we had no control over that. Wethemtostayaway havenoenforcementauthority,saidfrom formaldehyde- Maureen Quintal, a former CampCal-based products, be- NOWboardmemberwhopreviouslycause that chemical ownedacampgroundnearMariposadoeskillthegood with her husband, Ray.Mike Gast bugs in a septic sys- Determined to avoid turning park op-temandtheyonly eratorsintopottypolice,Sipesaidpotentially harm their system and others CampCalNOW tried to persuade Califor-bysellingthoseproducts,saidMike nias Department of Toxic SubstancesGast, vice president of communications Control to take action, but ultimatelyfor Billings, Mont.-based KOA.concludedtheagencywasntseriousDebbie Sipe, who retired in August as about enforcing a chemical ban on theexecutivedirectorofCampCalNow, sale and use of RV holding-tank productsnoted that Californias Water Resources containing the chemicals of concern.Control Boardhad sent cease-and-desist CampCalNOW officials then attemptedletters to 25 RV parks and campgrounds to secure passage of legislation, AB 1824,in southern Califor- that would have banned the sale and usenia in 2005, notifying of RV holding-tank products that kill thethem that they must natural bio-organisms that break downnotallowRVsto human waste in septic and other waste-emptywasteinto water-treatment systems.their septic systems. AB 1824 won bipartisan support fromMore recently, the all but three members of the CaliforniaCentralCoastRe- Debbie Sipe legislature, but was ultimately vetoed bygional Water Quality Gov. Arnold Swarzenegger in August ofControl Boardcontacted all RV and mo- 2010afterintensivelobbyingbythebile home parks in their jurisdiction in chemical industry. Schwarzenegger said2017, asking them to provide informa- he wanted the legislation studied by histion about their septic systems so that Green Chemistry Program, a process bythe board could begin regulating them as which chemical products are studied bywaste discharges. the California Department of Toxic Sub-The impetus behind SB 317 is, there- stances Control to determine whetherfore, not only a desire to ban the sale and chemicals in products should be banneduse of RV holding-tank products that or replaced with less harmful alternatives.pose threats to septic systems, ground- Sipepredictedin2010thatwater supplies and the environment, but Schwarzeneggers action would lead thealso to protect park operators from addi- chemical ban to a dead end, and it did. TO PLACE YOUR AD IN tional regulatory and cleanup costs in- Nearly a decade later, CampCalNow isvolvingconsumeruseofchemical fighting the same battleand hoping for the Campground Investmentproductsthatprivateparkoperators a positive outcome, she explained. WCM or MarketPlace Sections:RV Park - Purchases, Sales and FinancingADVERTISERS INDEX Contact Chris Lang at Financing Available Nationwide: G&G Media GroupConventional-Bank Loans with rates in theAdvertiser Page # Advertiser Page # high 5%s to 6%, 5-Year Fixed, 10-Year Term,574-266-7980 25-Year Amortization, 70% LTVs with LowAGS34 Mini Golf Inc44 clang@g-gmediagroup.com Costs and Prepay PenaltiesAmish Cabin Company.14 Montana Canvas.10App My Community.43 Pacific Yurts.6 Government-Backed Loan Programs fromSBA and USDA at Prime + 2%, 80% to 85%Applebrook RV Parks.48 Pelland Advertising44 WANTED! 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