b'MODERN MARKETINGTips for Building Your Google My Business Company Profileness up for a Google account. Becauseyou may eventually want or need othersto be able to access the account, refrainEvannefromusingyourprivate,personalGoogle account.Schmarder Visit www.google.com/business, signinto your Google account and search foryour business name. IfyourparkdoesnotyethaveaIts hard to imagine that a mere 21 GoogleMyBusinessaccount,createyears ago the word Google didnt exist. one and follow the prompts. Google willToday, by my count, the Internet behe- send you a postcard with a verificationmoth offers more than 90 consumer code. You will need to enter the PIN toand business products. Google delivers verify and activate your listing.the futuristic consumer-facing Google If youve already got an unverified ac-Cardboard, a virtual-reality viewer that count, claim it.works in conjunction with 3D apps; the If you had a Google Place Page or amore practical Google Docsthat allows Google+ Page account, it has been au-document creation and collaboration; tomaticallyupgradedtoGoogleMyand, of course, the product they are Business. mostknownfor,theGooglesearch If your business has already been ver-function. ified but you dont have access to it, doIts in the search realm that park own- not create a new account. Instead, fol-ers and operators can benefit. While low Googles Request ownership of aGoogle Ads, in their many forms, are a business listing.critical component to online visibility, Optimizing Google My Businessthere are several other Google tools that While getting set up is not difficult,cost only time and effort to garner valu- thereareafewcriticalpointsthatable results. Google My Business is a should not be overlooked when devel-standout in this category.oping your Google My Business listing. In its most basic form, Google My You must use your exact businessBusiness is a business listing that ap- name, address and telephone numberpearsinsearchesandmaps.Savvy (known in the tech world as NAP modern marketers know it as so much name, address, phone) and they mustmore. By taking the next step and build- exactly match those on your website. ing out a comprehensive business pro- Not only is this important for search,file, owners and operators can present but it also eliminates the possibility oftheir businesses in the best light. Adding duplicate listings created by using dif-strategic keywords, images and videos ferent addresses (such as your caf orsend search signals, encouraging the store) than the one on your website.Google algorithm to juice your search Use categories, sparingly. Google Myengine result placement. Actively reply- Business offers nearly 4,000 categoriesingtoreviews,takingadvantageof to choose from. Be as pinpoint-specificposts, and studying the built-in insights about your primary business categorymake this free tool invaluable. aspossible.ThischoiceaffectshowSee for Yourself Google places you in their search algo-To get familiar with the look and feel rithm. Youll be offered an opportunityof a Google My Business profile, go to to choose nine more categories. Cer-Google and search for RV park near tainly, add the categories that best rep-Disney World. Youll be presented with resent your listing but be careful, toowhats called the three-pack: the top many will dilute it.three listings in that search. Clicking on For example, lets say your primaryone of them will take you to a map page category is RV park. You might alsowith its business profile overlaid on the addcampground.Ifyouofferrentalmap.YoucanalsoclickonMore units or cabins, a third option could bePlaces under the three-pack to see the lodging.Justbecauseyouhavelogsearch/maplistings.Clickonanyof cabin-style units does not mean thatthose listings and youll see its business the Log Cabin category is appropriate.profile.The same goes for caf or convenienceExamine the profiles closely. Look to store, unless thats your main line ofthe more successful parks to see how it business.isoptimizingitsprofile,keepingin Select attributes to help describe whatmind that success leaves clues. Con- is available at your property. While thetinue by clicking on several profiles and general public can add attributes, its topay close attention to underneath the your advantage to choose the most pop-phone number, looking for Own this ular or requested to add to your listing.business?Thisindicatesthatthe These might include free Wi-Fi, pets wel-Google My Business listing has been come, LGBT-friendly, extended stay, con-cobbled together with general informa- venience store onsite, etc. tion curated from across the Internet Attributes can be useful when an in-without input from the owner/operator.dividual is searching for a specific need.If you have not created and verified For example, RV park suitable for ayourlisting,yourbusinessisrepre- wedding.sented as Google sees fit to portray it. Create a colorful, concise descriptionWhat a missed opportunity. usingkeywords,phrasesandyourGet Your Google On city/town name but be careful not toIf youre thinking that a Google My keyword stuff or you run the risk ofBusiness profile will help you grow your being banned. Note that while yourebusiness, you are right. Lets get started. permitted 750 words, only 250 will beIf you havent already, sign your busi- Modern Marketing continued on page 488 -October 2019Woodalls Campground Management'