b'ON CAMPGROUNDSHolly Shores Finds Ways to Give Back to its CommunityThe glamping tents are very popu-lar, Salerno said. The first two wereReports frominstalled in 2018 and theyve added twothe field:more each season. They are very pop-ular and they hit a number of demo-Bob Ashley graphicscouples like them becausethey are kind of romantic. They alsohave been used for girl getaways andweve found that families like them be-Raising money for local charities is cause the kids think they are kind ofan important aspect of life at Holly cool.Shores Camping Resortin Camp May, LastyearajumpingpillowwasN.J., the owners of whichMaggie added to Holly Shores amenities and,and Dave Robinsonin December over the winter, the parks pavilion areagave the Cape Regional Medical Cen- will be upgraded with a shaded patio.ter a check for $10,000 for the benefit Park amenities also include a large Holly Shores offers sites for both long-termof cancer services. pool, two hot tubs, two playgrounds, and transient guests. MaggieRobinsonsstepmother a wading pool and a dog park. HollyClaire Brodesserwas treated at the Shores, which employs about 50 peo-medical center before she passed. pleduringthesummerseason,in- workers here in the summer, some ofAs long as Ive been here, the Robin- cludingsomeworkcampers,offers whom stay for four to six weeks work-sons have always paid it forward and scheduled activities between June and ing on area projects.helped different organizations in the November. * * * * *area,saidChristineSalerno,who Holly Shores, which is about four Sitting on a small island in Hurri-manages the park with her husband, miles from Atlantic Ocean beaches and cane Bay a mile off the Gulf of MexicoBill. thepopularWildwoodBoardWalk, in Fort Myers Beach, Fla., San CarlosWhenIinterviewedSalerno,the hosts between 10 and 15 rallies a sum- The park host around 10-15 rallies every summer RV Parkwas preparing the week beforeRobinsons, who have owned the park mer. Were always looking for more, and features amenities like a pool and two hot tubs.Christmas for a busy winter.for 21 years, were out of the country on Salerno said. We have a huge snowbird popula-a well-deserved vacation. The resort is pretty much sold out RV Resort with her husband, Mike. If tion, said Manager Stephanie Price,Alotofthefundraisingisfood betweenmid-Julyandmid-August. they give me enough notice, I can block whowaspreparingforaChristmaseventspork chop dinners, ice cream And then we have the sold-out week- out their site for them, but if its short party for about a hundred people thesocials or chowder- or chili-cook offs, ends, especially in the fall, Salerno ex- notice, I might not be able to. day we talked. We have no sites avail-Salerno said. We donate the labor and plained. There are quite a few local Port St. Lucie RV Resort will be full able after the first of January throughingredients. The campers love it. They conventions and festivals that help us from Dec. 15 until April, she reported. the end of March. Thats how it is usu-know it all goes to a good cause. in September and the four weekends in We get a lot of snowbird business ally.Besidesthechecktothemedical October are sold out because we trans- and a lot of repeat business, Ramsell Park amenities include a clubhousecenter, the Robinsons also recently do- formtheparkintoahauntedHal- said. with full kitchen, swimming pool andnated 1,000 pounds of food to a local loween festival. Next year, we are going Open year-round, the resort features hot tub. During the winter season Sanhomeless shelter and canned food to a tobeprovidingalightsfestivalfor concretepads,asolar-heatedpool, Carlos RV has social dinners, musicpet shelter. Christmas, although there wont be any clubhouse with pool table and bocce shows, craft shows and a fashion show,Holly Shores features 300 RV sites, camping. ballandpetanquecourts,thelatter along with other activities.about half of which are long-term. We * * * * * being a lawn game popular with its At one time a fishing camp with alike to keep about half of the sites open Snowbirds were flocking to Florida French-Canadian visitors. marina, San Carlos RVnow with 142for transients who stay a few days or a earlier this year due to the cold weather We get a lot of Canadians, she said. sites and four rental unitsattracts aweek, said Salerno. Those are sites thatcharacterizedNovemberin The summer season, Ramsell said, large number of fishermen throughoutthat we do better with revenue. Canada and the northern Midwest. was a bit slower than usual, but still the year, but especially in the summer.The park also has six safari tents, The cold weather is bringing a lot of busy. We do okay in the summer, but We have a summer program whereseven tiny homes and an assortment of people in early, said Sandy Ramsell, business isnt like what we do in the people can park their campers on a sitepark model RVs for rent. who manages 117-site Port St. Lucie winter. Wegetalotofconstruction and can stay without additional costsfor six nights during the month, saidPrice. Its only for Florida residents,and the majority come from the EastCoast around Miami. Eighty-five per-cent of our summer people have boatsbecause the fishing here is so good. Itsalso crowded over there in the summerand its quite expensive. This is a goodplace for them to get away.Along with the summer program,the park is a staging ground for ralliesin April and May and October and No-vember.San Carlos RV also has six of whatPrice called Ultimate Sites, which canhandle big rigs and sit facing the bay.Those sites are very popular, she said.The park has a substantial amountof repeat business. We have one cou-ple who has been coming for 40 yearsand several others who have been herefor more than 20 years, Price said.WCM Editor-at-Large Bob Ashley is a Central Indiana-based freelance writer/editor and a 25-year newspaper veteranwho has focused on the RV industry andnational recreation issues for the past19 years. He received the 2013 Distin-guishedServiceinRVJournalismawardfromtheRecreationVehicle Industry Association (RVIA). WCM12 -January 2020Woodalls Campground Management'