b'BY BEN QUIGGLETengoInternet Report Shows More Parks Offer Streaming Wi-Fi, Meeting Guest ExpectationsWi-Fihastransformedfromanamenity that campers use to streamshows and check social media chan-nels to a utility that campers expect tobe able to usemaking it a key areafor owners to invest inaccording tothe 2019 State of the Industry Report by TengoInternet Inc.In its fourth year, TengoInternet, aWi-Fi services provider to the camp- Eric Stumbergground and RV park sectors, started thereport to gauge what guests expectedand how those expectations were being The biggest driver this year was im-met when it came to accessing Wi-Fi at proved circuits, noted Stumberg. Dur-campgrounds and RV parks.ing the last year there has been a greatWewantedtoshowtheindustry trend of owners investing in faster Inter-that on some level it isnt a vendor issue net service.when problems arise, it is an expecta- That investment is key as more andtion issue, said Eric Stumberg, CEO of more campers are expecting streaming-TengoInternet. Then we really want to quality Wi-Fi service when they stay athelp owners understand how they can a park. help the guests expectations align with Wi-Fi is a utility now and so you arewhat you can offer at the park. going to hear from your campers if theThe annual report is generated from service they are getting is not good,a combination of surveys sent to Ten- said Stumberg. goInternet customers, as well as indi- TengoInternetsreportstatesthatvidualswhouseother Wi-Fiservice 66.4%ofpropertyownersnowofferproviders. streaming quality Internet circuits atStumberg said it takes three things to their sites, up from 44% in 2018. deliver a great Wi-Fi experience at a Stumberg said that owners are goingcampground or RV park.toneedtoprovideatleastfive-It takes a great circuit, because if you megabyte Internet to their customers indont have a great one then you are not order for them to be able to stream fromgoing to be able to deliver a network sites like Amazonor Netflix. thatcansupportstreaming,heex- Faster is better at that point, he ex-plained. Then it takes ongoing service plained. If you have a high-concentra-and support and new equipment. tion of campers, that is where the designOverall, 35.8% of properties surveyed of the system is important. You need toin 2019 were meeting guests expecta- prepare for peak times so that your cir-tions with a 9 or 10 rating when it came cuits can handle the traffic.to delivering Wi-Fi service according to Setting guest expectations, however,the report, a 22% improvement com- isamajorthemeofthereportandpared to 2018. The average Wi-Fi service Stumberg said that it is important for anrating improved from a 6.9 to a 7.4 dur- owner to relay what guests can expecting the past year.before they reserve a site at the park. If you know that on a weekend yoursystem is going to get bogged down,then you need to tell your customerswhat they can expect when your systemis at peak usage, he explained. If theywont be able to stream video, then youneed to tell them that. Set that expecta-tion low and then if they can do more,they will be happy and that can actuallycreate a positive experience.Stumberg said that it is important forpark owners to realize that a lot of thetime the networks they have functioncorrectly and that the Wi-Fi service theyare receiving is what the network canprovide. You just want to make sure that italigns with what you are telling the cus-tomer, he explained. Overall, the report noted that 65% ofparks are not meeting customer expec-TengoInternetcontinued on page 8414 -January 2020Woodalls Campground Management'