b'BY JEFF CRIDERWinterizing water lines and critter proofing buildings are key to ensuringa smoother process when it comes time to reopen your park in the spring. Properly Winterizing Your Park Can Ensure Less Headaches When Spring Rolls AroundBy the time the snow flies in Maine, winterizingjobsthatparkoperatorsDavid Berg, of Red Apple Campground faceisprotectingtheirwaterlines,in Maine, is enjoying the Florida sun. whichissomethingmanyNorthernFor me, I used to park operators race to do before they at-love plowing, clear- tend the major campground industrying the large parking conventions during the first two weekslot, doing the drive- of November.ways here and at the There have been times when wevehouse, helping some gone to conventions and come back tofriendsandneigh- snow and ice, said Gary Quigley, a sec-bors who needed to ond generation co-owner of the YogiDavid Berg beplowedoutor BearsJellystonehelpingoldfolks ParkCamp-Resortwho couldnt afford to hire someone to in Harrisville, Penn. do it for them, he told Woodalls Camp- We used to offerground Management (WCM). Heck, I a winterization serv-used to love ice fishing, snowmobiling, iceforRVsforourcross country skiing and the like. But guests,butwenoover the years, the old bones dont like longerofferit.Wethe severe cold, so I take them to Florida Gary Quigley just dont have timeeverywinternowandletmygood to winterize our parkfriends keep my plowing needs cov- andwinterizepeoplesRVs,too,ered. Quigley said.But before Berg and his wife, Jane, TheQuigleyswinterizationworkhead south for a few months of Florida starts soon after Labor Day weekendsunshine, they join campground oper- when they drain about half of the waterators across the northern tier of North out of their swimming pool. We leaveAmerica to winterize their park. Their somewaterinittokeeppressurefocus is not only to protect their park against the walls, Quigley said. fromheavysnowsandsubfreezing But they use an air compressor toweather but also mischievous animals drain the water lines to the pool andthat take refuge in the darndest places. throughout the park and then pumpRental units and all buildings need antifreeze into the lines to keep themto be creature-proofed, Berg asserted, from freezing.noting that mice, squirrels and othercreatures are always looking for a safeplace to climb into or store their winterfood and make a mess of things.Evenvehiclesandmaintenanceequipment have to be winterized andmade creature-proof for the winter sea-son.Thismeansfillingoremptyingequipment with fuel, adding dry gasor gas maintainer to keep fuel fromfreezing and placing special products tokeep rodents from taking up residenceunder the hoods of vehicles, tractorsand other motorized equipment.I am finding the one bite or Decon Blowing out water lines and adding an-rodent killer of yesterday is being re- tifreeze helps prevent burst pipes and leaks.placed with sweet-smelling pouches ofnatural ingredients, such as cedar oil Fortunately, for our park, most ofand peppermint, as they seem to work the water lines are down three feet, ex-better and are friendlier to humans and cept in one section of the park, he ex-house pets, Berg said, adding, I still plained. We also make sure there is nouse the one bite around the walls of the water in the traps or toilets.garage to feed the little devils. Berg said waterlines at his park are atOf course, one of the most critical Winterizingcontinued on page 8324 -January 2020Woodalls Campground Management'