b'Q&A CONVERSATIONSKOAs ORourke on Future Growth, NPS PrivatizationAnd Increasing Diversity in the Campground SectorWCM: There has been a tremendousComing off a record-breaking 2019 International Convention & amountofinterestfromdeveloperslooking to enter the outdoor hospital-Expo in early November, Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) is ity industry. Is KOA seeing interest fromalso celebrating its ninth year of growth.developers looking to build new KOALed by its new president and CEO Toby ORourkewho took parks?over for former CEO Pat Hittmeier in the spring of 2019KOA Toby ORourke: I think a lot of peopleare looking at the market and seeingcontinues to push the envelope in the outdoor hospitality industry.the returns that owners are getting atThe company recently announced the creation of a new glamp- their parks and they are jumping in. Weing resort, Terramor Outdoor Resort, which is set to open next sum- are seeing people come over from thestorage unit industry, for example, andmer in Bar Harbor, Maine, and during its November conference startingtoinvestmoneyincamp-KOA reported that it served more than 1.2 million campers in 2019 grounds. There is a lot of interest by in-and received a record Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 66.vestors and people in this market.We are also seeing a lot of turnoverNumbers on the revenue side were also positive, with three-quar- in park ownership, resales happeningters of all KOA parks seeing increases year-over-year in 2019, ac- and new builds and new constructioncording to ORourke.contracts. We have 20 new construc-tion contracts in place right now forWith 520 parks currently in the system, ORourke expects to see new KOAs that are set to be built even more parks enter the system over the next year.thats not something thats been com-Business has just been thriving, she explained. We are seeing mon in the industry for a long time. Ithink that speaks a lot to how good thisa lot of people want to enjoy camping and on top of that our owners are significantly investing in their market is. People are seeing the posi-parks. There has been an increase in quality across our system over the past few years. Our entire system tive returns and jumping in.is just so energized right now. WCM: Does this new push from de-velopers bring more innovation intoORourke took time to catch up with Woodalls Campground Management (WCM) during a lull in the market? all the action at KOAs recent conference.ORourke: I think so. There is some-Following is an edited version of that discussion. thing nice about having a blank canvasto develop. Our facilities developmentteam works with developers to help26 -January 2020Woodalls Campground Management'