b'BY BEN QUIGGLEthemlayouttheirparks.Basedoff dards that have to be met to be a KOA. vate so that they can meet the expecta- them to rate their stay. That is fed di-things we know are working or new Wevegotoursystemdevelopment tions of the Holiday, Journey or Resort rectly back to our owners and they canideas we have, were able to build those team that looks at a park to understand branding.that feedback see in real-time. Thenideas into these new parks. Even at if it meets our standards. I just met with ORourke: Right. By the end of next they are able to flag that for themselvessome of our new conversions that have the owners of a new campground re- year, every KOA will be in one of those within our system to say, Hey, I need toextra excess land or just at our current cently that we are excited about bring- three positions. Its been a long-term follow up on this one. If they have aparks, were seeing a lot of innovation ing in, but theres certain things they project and everybody has had to in- guest complain, theyre able to actuallybeing applied to the new sites that are dont have that they need to have to be vesttogetintooneofthebrands, reach back out to that guest and closebeingdevelopedbecauseyoustart a KOA. Even though its a new build and which has been great. When we de- the loop on that service experience. with a blank canvas. they have invested a lot of money in signed the brands, we specifically in- A lot of our owners take that very se-WCM: Onthequalityside,when their park, theres a couple of things jected things in the criteria for each riously. They use it as a tool to improveyoure bringing in new developments they still have to do. Theyre going to be brand that we knew would work or their park and then we display thoseand youre transitioning campgrounds doing that to become a KOA and we are meet customer expectations. Things reviews on www.KOA.com, so it servesinto the system. How do you ensure excited about bringing them on board.likeourKOAPatios,deluxecabins, a purpose for future guests.that those quality standards are still It comes down to our quality inspec- recreationfeaturesandthere and that the parks you are bring- tion process and our system develop- other amenities. That has, KOA Patio sites are one of the many upgrades KOAing in are meeting those quality stan- ment teams on the front side that work I think, caused a lot of im- is implementing at its parks across North America. dards? to ensure our quality is kept consistent. provementtohappenORourke: We definitely have stan- We are actually going to be overhauling across the system as a re-our quality review man- sultofthatprogram. Weual as well and next year are excited about havingwill be the last year on the full system in a brandour current quality as- position. We are close tosurance process. Were havingeverybodythereintroducingawhole and its just changing thenew standard. Not that whole way we talk abouttheresalotofmajor experiences at KOA parkschangesinlevelsof to the guests. quality, but were going WCM: In todays digitalto continue to evolve it. world it just seems mind-blowing how WCM: A lot of campground ownersWe are always trying to manydifferentoutletstherearefor are nervous about the review experi-keep up with what we people to review and rate parks on. ence. Obviously, they dont want thatneed to have as a sys- How do you manage to keep track of negative review, but it really is an op-tem to meet camper ex- everythingandmakesurethatthe portunitytogetmoreinformationpectations. park owners are reaching those high from the customer about what theyWCM: Brandingis NPS scores and getting those good re- wantandhopefullyhelpgrowtheKOAs branding initiative has increased the amount of part of that too, right? views? business. improvements being made to parks system wide.Youarecontinuingto ORourke: As a guest checks out, they ORourke: Absolutely. Our owners arepushownerstoinno- are sent an email from us that allows very proud of their parks and we al-WOODALLSCM.com January 2020-27'