b'ways spend a lot of time talking about the outdoors to Hispanic culture andhow to handle negative feedback. It engaging their community in the out-can be tough to get negative feedback. doors. We want to invite them to KOAs,Sometimes that feedback might not be provide good experiences and then wefair, or it might have been a unique sit- canworkmoreauthenticallywithinuation, but you have the owners that these groups. We want them to have ancan rise above that and really use it to authentic connection and really makeimprove their business. A lot of times this a winning equation.owners need to keep things in perspec- WCM: How do you attract more di-tive and realize they have 10 positive versity on the owners side?reviews versus one negative review.ORourke: I think that is what we areYou have to sometimes take it with a trying to figure out. As part of the inclu-grain of salt, figure out the truths or sionsummit,weregettingreadytoanything you need to learn from that conduct field research in partnershipexperience and then move on. with the National Association of RVWCM: While revenues have moved Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). Weup, camper nights have remained flat aregoingtobefieldingresearchtoin 2019. Is that something that con- campers and non-campers, but also tocerns you?park owners. Just to learn more aboutORourke: Our deluxe cabin nights are the issues that are across this wholeup while our RV sites saw a slight in- space in general. creasebut,yes,overallthingshave OntheownershipissueIvehadbeen more flat than we would have some good discussions with some ofliked. I think we need to have realistic these influencer groups about how wediscussions about if there are areas of spread the word that this is an oppor-price resistance that we need to evalu- tunity. I think were starting to just haveate. Is there a capacity issue? I think those conversations now and figure itthats what were seeing across the in- out. I dont have all the answers rightdustry,becauseIhaventhadone now, but its something were going toowner come up to me and tell me their be digging into and Im excited aboutpark wasnt fulleverybody has been it. I think well do it as an industry. Atfull. We need to encourage our owners KOA, we will dig in and do our versionto keep adding and expanding sites. of that initiative as well.I dont think theres any slowdown in WCM: KOAseemsfocusedonsocamper interest. Research tells us that many different areas, whether it be de-people are very enthusiastic to camp veloping concepts for the future, ex-and theyre coming out in droves. So, I panding the system, adding new ideas.am not worried about that. How do you keep everything in per-WCM: KOA held an inclusion sum- spectiveandaccomplishallyourmit a few months ago and you have goals? mentioned the increasing amount of ORourke: We do have a lot going ondiversity in the sector and how owners because there is just a rich amount ofneed to do more to attract Hispanic,Asian and black campers. How do you KOAs annual conference serves as an educa-getthatdiversityintothecamp- tion point for the many initiatives the companygrounds? Is it just through marketing is working on.orisitanindividualcampgroundowner reaching out?ORourke: I think it has to be a veryholistic approach. I dont want it to justbemarketingformarketingssake.Where you think you splash an imageup and that solves a problem, thats re-allynottheissue.Marketingisonepiece of it, but it has to be done at anoperational level. I think if we are goingto really move the needle as an indus-try, we need to be more inclusive onthe ownership and employee side ofthe business.We need to increase our penetrationwithinminoritydemographicsforownership of parks and underrepre-sented communities; LGBTQ, for ex- opportunity across our parks to do a lotample. Weve got good representation of different things. Were encouragingstarting in KOA. We have had some owners to explore unique accommo-longtime owners from various demo- dations and how they integrate glamp-graphicsandIdliketoseethatin- ingoperations.Ithinkthatourcrease. research tells us that people are excitedIthinkthatsimportantbecause about glamping on a campground. what we hear from research is that if We are always wanting our ownersyou go somewhere and you dont see to expand their footprint with cabinspeople that are similar to you or that and were really focused on the pene-you identify with, you dont necessarily tration of the KOA Patio because thatfeel welcome. I think we can do a lot works well in our business. We are alsomore as an industry to increase our now playing with pet sites and I thinknumbers.thats the next big thing for our system. Marketings a piece of it and we work Our CampgroundoftheFuturewith a lot with these influencer groups had some concepts that a lot of ourthat have been very pivotal in getting owners are excited about and I thinkthe word out. They formed on their were going to see more things comingown because theyre passionate about from that. Theres a lot of things hap-the outdoors, theyre passionate about pening, and I think thats whats reallycamping and theyre out there advo- exciting about having a system is thatcating to get more people outdoors. were trying all sorts of new things atWeworkwithgroupslikeLatino differentplaces.SomethingmightOutdoors, for example. Theyre active work somewhere and were able to useand they are passionate about bringing that as a case study and integrate it28 -January 2020Woodalls Campground Management'