b'across the system. ization. I think thats important for the mode. Our ownership is very energizedWCM: Do the owners ever feel over- park system and for campers. I think and excited right now. Our manage-whelmed with all the information that that private industry can help with that, ment team is excited too, and we wantis coming their way? but I think theres some fundamental to drive growth and keep this businessORourke: I am sure there are some things that need to change to make that thriving and growing. My plan is builtowners that are overwhelmed. I would happen. There has to be longer lease aroundcustomeracquisition,newthink new owners, especially, probably terms to make investment and capital marketexpansion,technologyandfeel as though they are drinking from a make sense for these companies. data.fire hose. But I think thats part of why Do I think that a national park needs Weareexperimentingwithnewyou join a franchisebecause were to look like a KOA campground? Ab- business models and we have threethrowing lots of stuff at youbut be- solutely not. That is not my vision for brand positions now. Maybe that ex-hind all of that is somebody thats help- what could happen at those parks. Do pands in the future to allow us to bringing you with it. You are going to digital I think there could be modernization in different types of campgrounds andmarketing sessions, youre going to op- improvements made? Absolutely. Id reach new customers. erational sessions, but weve got staff love to see progress made, but its not Im excited to see the growth in newthats leading those initiatives and that something KOA is actively working on builds and Im excited to see our parkis there to help you with it, so you walk right now. If there was an opportunity owners buying more parks and con-away feeling ready to tackle an issue.that made sense for us, sure we may vertingthemintothesystem. WereWCM: National Park privatization consider it. I dont personally ever want seeing a lot of growth in multi-parkhas been in the news again here re- to see a KOA sign in a national park, but ownership. cently. Is that something KOA keeps an I think if there was some way to help Im just not the type of person thatseye on and what does it mean for the with improving the parks we would comfortable with just being comfort-KOA system?definitely be interested.able. Id like us to be uncomfortable.ORourke: Its not been something that WCM: How does KOA continue to Thats kind of my whole mantra sincewe have been involved in, but that being ORourke says she is focused on not being grow and see revenue increase year- Ive taken over. I want us to get uncom-said, Id love to see the National Pak Sys- comfortable with the status quo.after-year? fortable. Where can we push ourselves?tem(NPS) have some form of modern- ORourke: Were definitely in growth How can we move forward?WCMMARKETPLACEWOODALLSCM.com January 2020-29'