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A screaming deal during the ing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ments were projected to finish at 46,500raucousfamilycampingseason,no units by the end of 2019 and 42,000 unitsmatter how good it is, is unlikely to ap- in 2020.peal to the quiet-loving retiree unless Although shipments are below antheyre camping with grandkids.all-timecomparablerecordhighofACTION:Segmentyouremaillist, 504,600 units in 2017, the RV market re-consider targeted remarketing, present mains healthy and robust in historicaloffers that are specific to the viewer. Not context. The projected year-end totalssure about your guests preferences? Ask of 402,100 units in 2019 and 386,400them.units in 2020 would respectively rank asTime and tech march on. It contin- the fourth- and sixth-best years for theindustry. WCMues to be a new world out there (ex-hausting, I agree) and nothings going tochange that. The smart owner/operator trical-cord connections in wet conditions,will figure out how to use new tools and including from rain, sprinklers, melting snow CCRVC Launches New Websitetacticstotheiradvantage,bringing and poolside splashing. The product is madebusiness to their door. Thats one pre- from commercial-grade plastic and is avail- to Benefit Members, Suppliersdiction I think we can all stand behind. compliant units, traditional basin-style tubs able in green, orange or black. Cord Protectthatcomestockedandreadyforuseor is sold in packs of two, four, five and 10. TheWant to know more about market- pedestal-style units. Offering a convenient product is made in the U.S. and comes with aingyourRVparkorcampgroundpet wash is a great way to attract campers five-year warranty. online? Evanne Schmarder, principal traveling with their four-legged family mem- (888) 945-4545and founder of the RV industry-spe- bers, said company officials. Dog-ON-It- www.twistandseal.comcific digital marketing firm Road- Parks also offers grooming tables, dryers andabode Production has a new bookdcor, along with numerous add-on options.Pull Start FireThe Canadian Camping and RVto help you do just that. Marketing (877) 348-2647 Norfolk, Va.-based Pull Start Fireoffers a Council (CCRVC) announced thatYour RV Park/Campground Onlinewww.dog-on-it-parks.com fire-starter product that does not require the organization has completed theisavailableasanebookatyourmatchesandig- redevelopmentofitswebsitefavorite online book seller or in print Twist and Sealnites wet firewood www.ccrvc.ca, according to Robertat Amazon.com. WCM TwistandSeal,aFrankfort,Ill.-based with one pull of a Trask, CCRVCs chairman. red string, accord- The RVing and camping indus-ingtoMichael try generates more than $6.1 billionGO GREEN Beyrodt, inventor of to the Canadian economy and thetheproduct.Pull strength and viability of our privateStart Fire will burn campgrounds is an integral compo-for30minutesin nent of the industry, said Trask.rain, snow and high Our board decided last Novemberwinds and can be that our website needed to be rede-usedtostarta veloped in order to better serve thecampfireorpatio needs of private campground own-firepit,hesaid. ers and the redesign of our websiteMadefromor- willbetterprovideourmembersganic,chemical- with the tools and resources thatfree materials, the willgreatlyhelpthembecomefire starter weighs four ounces. Pull Start Fire more successful in their business.starters are sold in packs of three.Enhancementsincludeanup-(757) 505-5606 datedlookandfeelwithlargerwww.pullstartfire.com lifestyle imagery and added menuStainless Steel Accessibleitems;value-addedcampgroundCharcoal Grilllistings; government advocacy up-R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. has added stain- datesandtoolsforcampgroundless-steel designs to its Pilot Rock brand owners; easy to locate campgroundAccessible Grillsline. Model ASWS-20fea- industrysupplierandmembertures all components fabricated from heavy- benefits;educationalmaterials;gauge stainless steel: the single level swivel listing of Canadian RV retail showscooking grate, the firebox and the base post. and more.No painting is required. Two sizes are avail- Campground owners or industrysuppliers wishing to join the CCRVCand/or advertise their products onits website are invited to contactCCRVCmemberandbenefits coordinatorCaraBraeutigam [email protected] WCMable and the 300- or 360-square inch swivelcooking grates require less than five poundsof force to move, note Pilot Rock officials.The ASWS Series grills are Americans withDisabilities Act (ADA) compliant, meeting allreach and operability requirements, accord-ing to company officials. (800) 762-5002www.pilotrock.com WCM32 -January 2020Woodalls Campground Management'