b'Bill Providing Liability Protectionsupports this legislation and has been Florida RV SuperShowfrom page 3working behind the scenes on camp-ground liability legislation for more than to the Public Days, he related. As far as ac-in Ohio Passes Through Committee two years.tivities at the show, we did tweak our rovingOCOA and the bills sponsors did a lot entertainment. The only other change is thatA bill that provides qualified immu- campground owners from frivolous law- of member outreach, vetting and legwork Lippert will host a seminar on components,nity for Ohio campground owners has suits brought by campers participating priortointroducingthebill,sheex- replacing Cummins.beenpassedoutof in activities that are inherently danger- plained. The bill was introduced in Oc- Kelly added that the main thing we ad-committee and will go ous, she added. The bill is not an all-or- tober 2019 and because of the abundance justed internally was to upgrade the website.to a floor vote of the nothing protection when RV park and of up-front work, moved swiftly through We are seeing online sales really jump so weHouse of Representa- campground owners are negligent. the House Civil Justice committee. The wanted to make it simple for people to lock intives,accordingto Thebillrequiresoperatorstopost committee passed the bill in early De- tickets. Last year the phone began ringing offKristySmith,execu- signs at entrances to the campgrounds cember and the next step is a vote by the the hook on Dec. 1 and people were complain-tivedirectorofthe stating that the operator isnt liable for full House of Representatives. ing that we didnt have the link up at 8 a.m. ByOhioCampground harmresultingfrominherentrisks. That vote is expected after the New pre-purchasing tickets showgoers can justKristy Smith OwnersAssociation Recreational activities that are within the Year, according to Smith.walk through the gates versus standing in line.(OCOA).operators control are not considered a Once passed by the House, the bill will Wilson noted that the SuperShow tradi-The bill, House Bill 355, specifically risk inherent to camping. need to be considered by the Ohio Senate.tionally draws a broad demographic range,would ensure campground operators are ChipHanawalt,OCOAspresident, The National Association of RV Parks including the continued growth of a youngerimmunefromliabilityifaninjuryor testified before the committee, saying andCampgrounds SeniorDirectorof corps of RVers.harmoccursfromriskinherentto the bill will provide clarity for our mem- State Relations and Program Advocacy Jeff We are definitely seeing a lot of youngercamping, explained Smith. Those risks bers and for our campers. Simswas influential in getting this legisla- people coming through the gates, Wilsonare specified in the legislation to include Many of the things commonly asso- tion passed in Wisconsin and is working stated. It somewhat depends on the day ofsuch things as: features of the natural ciated with camping carry risks for the closely with Ohio and 10 other states on the week as in the past more retirees wereworld, uneven terrain, campfires, etc. participant: fishing, campfires, hiking, getting similar legislation passed.showing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.Mud, plants, roots, uneven or unpre- walking the groundsetc., he said. Park owners and operators interested But thats changing. Nowadays a lot of peopledictable terrain and the weather are all An owner cannot eliminate those risks in getting similar legislation passed in are working out of a home office and commu-things a camper or visitor can reasonably and should not be held liable if an in- theirstateshouldcontactSimsat nicating electronically with their companies.expect to encounter during their stay.jury occurs. [email protected] or (303) 681-0401 ext. As a result, we are definitely seeing a pickupHouse Bill 355 is a way of protecting Smith said that the OCOA strongly 110.Ben Quiggle WCM of young RVers during the week.With regard to the state of the industry,Developer Plans Construction on 600-Site Park in Florida RV Shipments Expected Wilson offered an upbeat outlook. The industry is in good shape and thatsThe resort will include 40- by 80-foot RV to Top 400k in 2019 evident by the amount of space we sell, hesites, as well as modular cottages, all of which said. I think the industry sometimes gets lostwill be available for rent. Lake amenities will in- RV wholesale shipments were ex- in all the numbers, but from our standpoint theclude a fishing pier and a boat-launch area, as pected to surpass 400,000 units by the dealers are in great shape. Thats reinforcedwell as a gazebo on the waterfront. end of 2019 and then see a minimal by all the positive signs we have from fallPlans are also underway to develop recre- drop in 2020, according to the latest shows. Business is still moving right along ational amenities, including ziplines and all-ter- issue of RV RoadSigns, the quarterly not at a breakneck pacebut still veryrain vehicle trails on the 177-acre property. forecastcommissionedbytheRVgood.David BarbulescoWCMA 600-site luxury RV resort will be built next Mayer has developed several RV resorts in IndustryAssociation (RVIA)and year on 177 acres of undeveloped land border- Florida. He currently owns and operates Elite authored by independent RV industrying Little Orange Lake, about 15 miles east of Resorts at Salt Springs, which is adding 24 analystRichardCurtin,directorofGainesville, Fla., according to Ed Mayer, man- large sites, each of which has an average of Surveys of Consumers at the Univer-aging partner of Plaza Lodge LLC, the company 7,500 square feet. sity of Michigan.that is developing the resort. The reality is that demand for high-quality RV shipments were projected to totalPlaza Lodge LLC expects to break ground on RV sites exceeds the supply in Florida, Mayer 402,100 units by the end of 2019, offLittle Orange Lake RV Resortnext fall with the said, which is why I feel confident expanding 16.9% from the 2018 total of 483,700.first phase opening by spring of 2021. existing parks and building new RV resorts in Looking ahead to 2020, the double-digitThis is going to be a beautiful resort, said the Florida market. percentagedeclinesseenthroughout Willcox/Cochise KOA Holiday InvestsMayer. We have 4,000 linear feet of shoreline Moreinformationisavailableat 2019 will ease substantially as RV ship-along the 800-acre lake. www.eliteresorts.com.Jeff Crider WCM RV Shipmentscontinued on page 32 More Than $1.5M on ImprovementsThe Willcox/Cochise Kampgrounds ofAmerica (KOA) Holiday in Willcox, Ariz.,has spent more than $1.5 million on im-provements, which has helped the parkincrease its business levels while obtain-ing some of the highest ratings in the 520-unit KOA franchise network, according toDennis Crull, co-owner of the park. Improvementsincludeequippingevery campsite and cabin with 30- and50- amp electrical service, 48-channelcable television and fiber optic Wi-Fi.We have 500 megabits per secondcoming into our park and we have both2G and 5G Wi-Fi, Crull said.Crull and his business partner, Joe BenStone, have also installed a new heatedswimming pool and spa, a new dog parkand a full-service restaurant that servesbreakfast and dinner from October toMay. Other improvements include newAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant restrooms, a remodeled laun-dry facility with new equipment and twonew deluxe cabins to complement theparks existing log cabin.The work has been done to attract thethousands of snowbirds that settle in Ari-zona parks during the winter months.Theres a lot to do in our area, saidCrull, adding that snowbirds and othertravelers like to use the 94-site camp-ground as a base camp for exploring sce-nicandhistoricalsitesinsoutheastArizona.Jeff Crider WCM6 -January 2020Woodalls Campground Management'