b'MODERN MARKETINGDigital Marketing: What to Implement To Help Your Park Succeed in 2020Looking to the near future, start work-ing with your search engine optimization(SEO) expert to power your online pres-Evanneence for voice search. This will require afresh look at your SEO program, optimiz-Schmarder ing for natural language keywords. ACTION: Review your websites fre-quentlyaskedquestions(FAQ)pagewith an eye toward developing chatbotResolutions, predictions, and best responses, as well as tweaking the on-of lists. Youd be hard-pressed to visit a page content for voice search.marketingwebsitethistimeofyear E-commerce/Shoppable Postswithout reading at least one story about Outdoorhospitalityisperfectforstrategies and tactics destined to shape beautiful, wholesome images posted onyour business in the new decade.Pinterest and Instagram. They can tellFromartificialintelligence(AI)to a story, create desire and encourage ac-modern versions of that old standby I tion. In your case, this means promot-keep going on about, video, frequent dig- ing the variety of experiences on offerital marketing plan adjustments are nec- (cabins, glamping, supersites, etc.) andessary.Fortunatelyforus,emerging connecting them to a booking mecha-trendsandtoolsarentimpossibleto nismthroughshoppableposts.Yougrasp. Instead, understanding your audi- mightalsoconsidersellingancillaryence, determining what success looks packages (picnics, entertainment, etc.)like, developing a written plan, putting via this emerging avenue. cutting-edge processes to use, and meet- ACTION: Talk to your online reserva-ing prospects and customers where they tion provider about ways to automatespend time online in 2020 is just another your reservation process to work withiteration of what youve been doing all shoppable posts. Ask about adding thealong to promote your business.ability to sell ancillary packages throughWhile it is true that, as weve experi- automation.enced over the last 10-plus years, digital Image Marketingmarketing is moving at light speed, not Images are critical to an experientialevery innovation is a good fit for out- businesslikeoutdoorhospitality.Wedoor hospitalityor at least, not a knowgreatphotographscanmoveagood fit for the time being. But there are looker closer to becoming a booker. Whilea few tools that the wise modern mar- YouTubeushered in video and continuesketer should be aware of and even begin its corner on the market, the new(ish) kidimplementing.on the blockthe one you should beIve combed through a mountain of paying attention tois Instagram Sto-expertopinionstoidentifyfivetop ries(you can link them to your Facebooktrends that I believe can (and will) im- page, gaining additional exposure).pact your park business in the coming Stories are short, ephemeral 15-sec-future. ondphotoand/orvideo clipsthatArtificial Intelligence vanish after 24 hours (but can be savedWill AI take over the world? Maybe, and used in other forms). Get creativebut not in the foreseeable future. It does, and add filters, text, stickers, GIFs andhowever, have the potential to change music. If you have 10,000-plus Insta-the way we do business today.gram followers on your business ac-Inthemostbasicoffunctions, count, the swipe up function allowschances are you are already using some you to add a live link.form of AI. Do you unleash a Roomba to ACTION:GetstartedonStoriesvacuum? Themappingsystemlearns today. Aside from a glaring social mediayour floor plan. Its AI. Are you using faux pas its hard to go wrong. Deter-Alexa, Siri, or Ok Google? This form of AI mine goals for your Stories program.uses voice search (speech recognition Brainstorm ideas, create engaging con-and computer learning) to deliver (and tent, post and measure. hone its responses to) what you are ask- Digital Detoxing. Have you ever received a message or With overwhelm on overdrive thesecall about potential fraud on a credit days, consumers are choosing to turncard? Thats artificial intelligence, recog- down the riotous chatter for their atten-nizing a break in a pattern and following tion by tuning out all or some sociala preconceived chain of communication. media channels for anywhere from aLike at the infancy of social media, its period of time to permanently closingimpossible to put this genie back into the accounts. Its called digital detox. bottle. Its time to figure out how to use This amplifies the need to own yourthis tool to your business advantage.marketing. The danger of a social mediaThe most likely introduction of AI platform pulling your account or penal-into your marketing program is the use izingyouforsomeunknownwrongof chatbots. If you consider your web- continues to be a concern. Even if thatsite to be a 24/7 sales tool, adding a is not your case, with the drip, drip ofchatbot is like hiring an around-the- digital detoxing, your digital marketingclock, know-it-all customer service rep.reach could be severely hampered. LikeChatbots can be programmed to an- life, its rarely wise to keep all your eggsswer some of the more common ques- in one basket. tionsyouget,routecallstothe ACTION: Continue to build your emailappropriate staff members during busi- list. Tweak your SEO to get in front of yourness hours if the needs of the customer most likely customers. Develop new wayscant be satisfied by a bot and even pro- to be discovered including influencers,vide a purchase portal to help you close blogging, Stories, and press releases.the sale.Modern Marketing continued on page 328 -January 2020Woodalls Campground Management'