b'Winterizingfrom page 24 and store them in the parks recreation Smart Operationsfrom page 10 PeterPellandistheCEOof hall for winter. Pelland Advertising, a company thatdifferent depths underground, which Everything we can get out of the not been sued, it is safe to say that it could he founded in 1980 that has been serv-pose varying risks of freezing. weatherwegetoutoftheweather, happen at any time. It is not a matter of if ing the family camping industry forThe original owner who built the Quigley said. We take the mini-golf ob- but a matter of when it is your turn. For- nearly 40 years. His company special-park before I purchased it started the stacles, the pool furniture, the pedal carts tunately, every commercial insurance car- izes in building fully responsive web-park with one well and only a handful of and pack them into the recreation hall. rierservingthecampgroundindustry sites, along with producing a full rangesites, Berg recalled, adding, All of my The Quigleys also spend late October offers what is known as cyber insurance of four-color process print advertising,water lines are underground, some less packing their recreation hall with their coverage that will provide coverage under for clients. Learn more about Pellandthan a foot deep in parts, others as deep extensive collection of Halloween props these and a variety of other computer-re- Advertising at https://pelland.com/ oras four to six feet. One particular water and decorations which they use to cre- lated circumstances. Consider this a nec- see its ad in this issue. WCMline serves about 30 sites and has a lot ate a major haunted house.essary cost of doing business and contactof dips and turns and while it does have Our haunted house takes five weeks your insurance agent without delay.a low water drain, I have learned over to build, Quigley said. Its a walking Final Warningsthe years to blow out the line with air, mazethree-and-a-halffootballfields You should also be aware that, althoughpush a fair amount of non-toxic an- long. frequently evaluated in visual terms thattifreeze through the lines, then push air Infact,betweenwinterizingtheir impact the blind and visually impaired, theagain so any water that may remain in pipesandstoringtheirHalloween Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 alsolow spots will not be able to freeze and props, picnic tables and other equip- prohibits barriers to the deaf, dyslexic, orcause issue with my plastic pipes. ment, the Quigleys have developed a people with cognitive issues or learningwinterizationchecklisttomakesure disabilities. We are currently only seeing theTables and other removable items should be they dont miss anything before the sub- tip of the iceberg.properly stored.freezing weather sets in.Many people are trying to capitalizeHere are some of the must do items upon the current fears and hysteria. Keepfrom the Quigleys winterization check- in mind that no website developer canlist: build you a website that is guaranteed to be Shut off water to the dump stations 100% ADA compliant (short of a site thatand drain lines. consists of nothing but bold black text on a Remove hoses from front and back white background.) Avoid the temptationdump stations. to believe that a compliance widget will Open and blow out all hold and solve your problems, even though it mightcoldwater faucets, including faucets in help you and your webmaster to feel good.cabins. If you would like your website to include aThe other two wells have low waterBlow out toilets. tool such as the Userway Web Accessibilitydrains and we let them drain on theirPump antifreeze through all lines Widget, that is finebut keep in mind thatown for a couple of days by opening all and toilets. it is not a substitute for proper coding andfaucets at each site and letting gravityDump antifreeze down sink drains that it does not perform any functions thatdo its job, he added. This has always and shower drains. a handicapped person cannot already per-been sufficient, but last year it was anShut off breakers to cabins. form without the use of the widget. On theunusual winter. We had large amountsShut off dusk-to-dawn lights in the other hand, it might serve as one step to-of snow, then the weather warmed up main and Rec buildings. ward potentially persuading a judge or juryand melted it all. Then we had a deepEmpty and unplug soda machines that you are making a good-faith effort atfreeze for a couple of weeks with minus- and ice machine. compliance.zero wind chills and that drove the frostDo store inventory and cover mer- Above all else, do not panic and overre-deeper. This happened several times chandise. act. Some people have gone to the extremeduring the winter. With no snow coverTurn down water heaters in main of taking down their websites or redirectingforinsulation,thefrostwasdriven building and Rec hall. their URL to their Facebook page. Evendeeper and deeper. When I went to putPut down flaps on yurts and close temporarily, that will inflict major harmwater in this spring, there were breaks vents. upon the search engine ranking that youeverywhere due to the frost heaving myRemove arm from traffic gates and have worked so hard to build through thepipes and breaking plastic fittings. So, turn off. years. You may as well disconnect yourthis year, for the first time in 22 seasons,Discontinue trash pickup. telephone or take down the sign at your en-we will be blowing out all three differentEmpty Doggie Pot dispensers. trance. Wearelivinginacomplicatedwell lines with a large compressor. Bet-Turn down heat. world, where it is important to adapt toter safe than sorry.Discontinue trash pickup. changing circumstances, not retreat into aParkoperatorsoftenholdtheirPut closed sign out.WCM cave.breathandhopeforthebestcomespringtime.As a park owner, Berg said, you al-ways wonder, How many breaks will IfindthisspringwhenIturnonthewater? Well, if you are carful and do nottake any short cutsassuming MotherNature doesnt throw you a curve balllike she did to me last yearyou can goyears and years without even a singleleak. A leak is not always easily foundand it can take days to find and dig upand repair. And, of course, that is alwaysin the spring for us folks here in theNortheast when we have a lot of rainand the ground is saturated. So, it is noteasy digging as you just get to where youneed to be.While winterizing water lines is oneof the most critical tasks park operatorsface,anotherlabor-intensivetaskisstoring park furniture and equipmentso that it wont be damaged by snowand ice. Quigley said park operators canextend the life cycle of their furnitureand equipment simply by storing it in-doors, so that it is protected from the el-ements.The Quigleys pack up their picnic ta-bles, chairs and other campground fur-niture, including their jumping pillows,WOODALLSCM.com January 2020-83'