b'MODERN MARKETINGSpotting Trends Improves Guest ExperienceLittle Extras Add UpFor the business owner today, its not for us, social media is a treasure trove of formation on u-pick farms, fresh mar-that simple. Guests are more sophisti- trendinformation.Facebook,Twitter, kets, sidewalk stands, etc. cated. Making the most of their stay is and Pinterest each put out a year-end Reusable goods:Theres a worldwideEvannemore complex than it used to be. They trend summary. Mining this data can help pushtominimizesingle-useplastic.expectthemodernconveniencesof us set our sights (or reaffirm our program) Offer glasses instead of plastic cups. SellSchmarder everyday life, want to be catered to, and todeliverwhatourcustomerswant metal straws in place of plastic. Stockhave high expectations. That leaves us throughout the coming year. cloth bags with your logo in your campasking, What makes a park stay mem- Unsurprisingly,allthreereports store. Provide water bottle refill stations.orable?Noteveryparkcanoffera mention some form of finding balance Create an item exchange corner inTheres something reassuring in the prized location, five-star facilities or a or well-being, ecologically friendly prac- your clubhouse and encourage the giveconsistency of a camping trip. Its a time concierge desk. But there is one thing tices, and communing with nature, or and take of books, clothing and otherto get away, reconnect with friends and that parks of every size, purpose, and lo- as Pinterest calls it, Re-Wilding. Thats miscellaneous items that are in goodfamily, and share a slower pace of life. cation can offer: the little things that good news. Those topics are our stock- working order, but are no longer neededWhether you operate an urban park, a make a world of difference. in-trade. Takingwhatyouknowand by the original owner.destination park, a nature park or an fine-tuning it for a new decade will help Develop eco-friendly lodging: A bitovernight park, your goal is to deliver Mining for What Matters you stay ahead of the times and in sync more taxing on the budget, eco-friendlymemory-making experiences that be- Discovering little things that people are with todays guests and prospects. Pay lodging has its place in a well-designedcome sharable travel stories. interested in is an art in itself. Fortunately close attention and you might notice business plan. From fully booked treehow these trending topics overlap. houses to Airstream neighborhoods toluxury glamping tents, the growing inter-Balance/Well-Being est in these types of alternative lodgingsFeeling great. Making smart choices. can make the investment worthwhile.Takingtimeforonesself. Theressomuch that can be done to capitalize on Re-Wildingthistrend.Considerimplementing Chances are very good that campersthese ideas.and RVers also are nature lovers. ItsFood: With the rise of dinner delivery been proven that time outside is goodand the popularity of eating al fresco, forusandstrengthensnotonlyourthere are plenty of possibilities in this bodies, but also our minds. Here arecategory.three ideas to help your guests re-wild. Does your park have a caf or dining Special events:With more people in-option? Make mealtime easy on your terested in getting back to nature, yourguests. Be an onsite Grubhub and offer parkisanideallocationforspecialdirect-to-door dinner delivery. Deliver events. Carve out a space for weddings,yourfullmenuordesignsomething family reunions, birthday and anniver-special for this service. Charge a fee or sary parties, etc. Create an additionalroll it into your pricing. lineofbusinesswithpartyplanningCaterpicnics.Eachbasketshould services and/or rental equipment.have everything needed to enjoy lunch Back-to-basic skill sessions:With anat an outing: a blanket, flatware, cloth influxofnovicecampers,providingnapkins, real plates, and salt/pepper basiccampingskillsinstructioncanshakers. Pack beverages in tightly sealed lead to lifelong memories. Schedule pri-canning jars. Food items should boast vate or group sessions on building alocal ingredients and be easy to eat pic- campfire (add smore-making to cele-nic-style. Take reservations for your bas- brate success), cast iron cooking, read-kets so you know in advance how many ing a map, plant identification, baitingto prepare but be ready to offer some a hook, etc. without booking. Choose how to handle Promote nature photography:Withthe deposit, similarly to how you handle a smartphone in every pocket, everyonesports equipment, bikes or boats. is a photographer. Sponsor themed na-Park Grounds: Something as simple ture photo contests, create photo scav-as creating a nurturing environment engerhunts,andprovideafewaround your park can make a tremen- photo-op locations around your prop-dous difference in how your property is erty. Ask guests to submit their imagesenjoyed and remembered. Pay atten- and post them as user-generated con-tion to landscaping. Provide comfort- tent to promote your property. able outdoor places to sit (swing?) andponder. Add art in unexpected corners Make Trend Spotting Your Businessand nooks.Theres nothing more important to aPlaylists: Set the mood with music. businessthankeepingupwithcus-Create and promote Spotify playlists for tomers demands and promoting thosea variety of occasions including music efforts across your digital landscape.for an evening campfire, good morning Smart modern marketers take it a stepmusic, geographic-specific genres, chil- further; paying close attention to whatdrens tunes or a mix of staff picks.people online are saying is important tothem and delivering on those desires. Ecologically Friendly Practices In the big picture, its the little thingsTheresapush,aconcertedeffort that add up. Small moves on your partthese days, to do what we can to help can lead to tremendous gains for youthe planet. Not only is that something and your guests. Its time to trend up.akin to outdoor hospitality, its some-thing we can all get behind. Think about Want to know more about mar-putting these ideas into play. keting your RV park or campgroundAgro-tourism: As interest in where online? Evanne Schmarder, princi-our food comes from continues to be a pal and founder of the RV industry-hot topic, agro-tourism is having its day specificdigitalmarketingfirmin the sun. Parks with a bit of spare land Roadabode Production, has a newmight consider planting an urban gar- book to help you do just that. Mar-den full of vegetables, fruit, and herbs. keting YourRVPark/CampgroundYou can choose to use these in your cafe Online is available as an ebook ator allow public picking. If an in-park your favorite online bookseller or ingarden is not an option, offer guests in- print at Amazon.com. WCM10 -February 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'