b'GUEST VIEWSome Tips On How to Entice Repeat Business and More Referralsprovide the customer a goodamazing marketing budget allocated for this? sendingalinktositeslike if possibleexperience. Its really that Because your competitors are spending CampgroundReviews.com, along withsimple.money like crazy to get your customers a thank you email can go a long way.Michael Things like escorting them and their away from you. You should spend a lit- Not only are you touching base withrig to the site, brushing off the picnic tle to keep them, right? them, but building up good reviews atMoore table or pedestaletc. Little things like So, the guests stay has concluded the same time.that are often the first interaction cus- and they had a great time. What now? If Remember, not only are repeats atomers will have with the staff and their youre able, its always helpful to ask if top source of business, referrals are, too.site. From there, its all about making theres anything else you can do for And that is what these review sites areIn marketing seminars I give at vari- the guest feel good about where theyre them on the way out or recommend a doing.ous campground association confer- staying. park at their next stop. This gives you,ences, I always like to lead off with the Insomepastarticles,Ioffereda the park operator, an opportunity to ask Michael Moore is general man-question Do you know what your No. guest guide as one way to provide rele- if theres anything else you could have ager of AGS Guest Guides, a division1 source of business is? vant information to your guest. This done differently. Its a question I have of Texas Advertising. You can emailI get various answers like Google or can cover information about the park my staff ask each and every one of our him with any questions or concernssome national directory. In factand (phone numbers, rules) and the area guest guide customers and this should at michael@texasadvertising.net orthis is true whether you own a camp- (where to eat, who to call for a flat tire be applied to any type of business.visit www.AGSPub.com. WCMground or notthe No. 1 source of any etc.) to provide your guest (most) every- If youre running a good operation,business is repeat customers and refer- thing they could need. This can also be 99% of the time the customers will sayrals. The percentage of which varies, supplemented by additional methods no and move on down the road. Thatsbut if youre a tenured business, which of delivery, whether its in app form, in- great! But there might be that 1% ofmost campgrounds are, the top reason formation posted around the camp- folks who had an issue with their site orpeople are there is that theyve been ground and more. didnt get a certain notification.there before. The numbers back it up. From there, each guest is a little dif- No one, or business, is perfect and itChick-Fil-A,thepreeminent(de- ferent,right?Somearelowmainte- helps to know what didnt go right sopending on where in the country youre nance and youll never hear from them, that you can correct it in the future.reading this) chicken sandwich maker while others like to visit the front office More importantly, the customer feelsshared that increasing its repeat busi- every day just to chat. Make sure your like they were heard and that you tookness just 5% grew its profit by 25%. This staff is trained to handle each kind. This steps to avoid the same outcome onmakes sense when you consider that doesntmeanyouneedasuperstar their next visit. For those who had anyou just have to capture that customer maintenance worker, but at least some- issue or complication, why would theyonce, and then try to get them to come one who can answer basic questions come back if they werent assured it CCLOA Rings in the New Yearback multiple times and give you their about the park and, if they cant, having wouldnt happen again?camping dollars. them assure the guest they will find Whether you checked in with your with Unveiling of New LogoUsing a campground as an example, someone that can answer that question guest on the way out or not, its also im-one of our more frequented guest guide and get back to them. Remember, were portant to reach out after their stay. The TheColoradoCampground&Lodgingclients had 30,000 check-ins last year in the hospitality business and every- most common and beneficial way is a Owners Association (CCLOA) is launchingand an astounding 82% were repeat one at your businessEVERYONEsurvey via email. Make sure its brief new association logos as it rings in the newcustomers! should be hospitable. and easy to understand. For some cus- year, according to CCLOA officials.Withthatinmind,whatareyou Lets talk a bit about investing in tomers, its much easier to explain their Its been on the wish list of many membersdoing to market to those folks and en- your best source of business. Im talking concerns this way and this allows you and past members for a very long time, ac-sure they come back again and again? about premium incentives or giveaway to learn aspects of your business that cording to CCLOA Executive Director MaryLetssayyouvealreadycaptured items. Thesearebrandedwithyour you may not have known. After all, no Arlington.themthroughyouradvertising,and logo/marketingsloganandarelittle campground operator can be every- At least 10 years ago some began mur-they have booked their first ever reser- helpful/useful things that simply say, where 24/7. muring about wanting a new logo, and threevation with you. The first thing I recom- Thanks for choosing us. Ifyoudonthaveaccesstoayears ago I saw the project inching forward,mendtocampgroundownersisto Why is it important to have some proprietarysurveyprogram,even she said. The project was then set asidewhile we evaluated a name change. Thatwas settled earlier this year, so the logo proj-ect moved to the front burner.The project was painless once we turnedit over to Pelland Advertising, an industrysupporter of both CCLOA and the NationalAssociation of RV Parks and Campgrounds(ARVC), Arlington continued. After review-ing a variety of first drafts, we selected oneand fine-tuned it until the committee waspleased.The new logos display the same colorsfound in the Colorado state flag, according toArlington.CCLOA members were introduced to thenew logos in early December and it gener-ated positive responses, she said. The newlogos are now being migrated onto all asso-ciation materials.CCLOA is asking for your assistance. Ifyourcompanydisplaystheformerlogo,please email info@CampColorado.com to re-quest a new art file.Additionally, if you spot the former logo inuse anywhere, please inform CCLOA so it cantake steps to replace it.WCM12 -February 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'