b'for our PMRVs with the pine groove interi- theyve got rolled up towels in them.ors. Owners dont want a cabinet doorWith three lines that campground own- that the customer can break off, kickers can choose from, the Lehigh, Pocono or ruin some other way. and Keystoneseries, anything can be cus- The same thing in a bedroom,tomized as long as it is within RVIA regula- Grymonprez continued. Right now,tions, he said. were doing his-and-her closets withThe company sees a lot of interest in drawers, and all this built-in stuff.hickory log railings and furniture, as well as Well, in a rental unit, campers want arecessed LED lighting, according to Stoltz- hang rod to hang their clothes. Theyfus.want a little seat to set their suitcaseRocky Mountain Structures PMRVs feature all- Rocky Mountain Structures wants to A PMRV from Skylines Lancaster, Wis., plant. up on, and they want some hooks towood construction.continue to grow, according to Stoltzfus, hang their clothes up on. We arebut at a pace that allows the company to going to have floorplans that are designed with that type of thought process, and then werecontinue meeting its customers needs.going to have option packages for our existing floorplans, where you can take our bestsellingWe want our customers to always receive that personal touch, he explained. We dont model and put a hospitality package in.want to grow too fast. Skyline Champion is also looking to distribute amenity packages with the hospitality unitsThe ability to customize everything is that will supply owners with a turnkey product. something Stoltzfus said gives the com- We are looking at ways of supplying the mattresses, dishes, toastersetc. with thesepany a leg up over the competition.units, Grymonprez explained. Then owners wont have to worry about that stuff when theyYou can pick pretty much everything to are purchasing one of our units.the finest detail, which is something that not (903) 677-0108www.athensparkmodelrvs.comwww.skylinepm.coma lot of park model RV companies offer, hetoldWCM.Iknowtheressomeother Stone Canyon Homessmaller companies that do, but generally the Brilliant, Ala.-based Stone Canyon Homes gained name recognition in 2019, according to co-larger companies do not offer that because owner David Pulliam. of the size of their companies. We are now an approved(717) 365-3796 Rocky Mountain Structures Pocono unit. vendorforKampgroundsofwww.rockymtnsheds.com America Inc. (KOA) and a pre-ferred vendor for Yogi BearsSkyline Champion JellystoneParkCamp-Re-Skyline Champion Inc. continues its ex- sorts, he told WCM. pansion efforts as it focuses in on the hos- Primarily focused on the RVpitalitysideofthePMRVbusiness, park and campground sectors,according to Grymonprez. Pulliam said that the companyThe company is preparing to roll out expects to see more growth inhospitality-focused units that Grymonprez the future as it focuses on cus-said will offer amenities much like a hotel tomer service. room.When an owner asks about Stone Canyons Caney CreekWhen youre in the bathroom of a hotel one of our units, we make sureyou dont have a sink with cabinet doors to schedule a very timely tour of their park so that we can make sure our product is going to beThis Skyline Champion PMRV features an upper deck.underneath it, he explained. You have a a good fit, Pulliam explained. We honor our commitments and are able to make decisionssink with cubby holes underneath, and right away.18 -February 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'