b'BY BEN QUIGGLEFrom tipis to covered wagonslike this unit from the ConestogaWagon Companyunique accommodation builders are findingways to incorporate glamping into their units. Builders of Specialty Accommodation Units On top of that, many of the uniqueaccommodationmanufacturersthatThrive with New Models and Concepts for 2020 WoodallsCampgroundManagement(WCM) spoke with offer units that in-spireacampersCampground owners are actively in- tic glow of safari tents on an African Company, highlighted the companys innerchildnovestinginspecialtyaccommodation savannah.new shower houses that are designed to matter their age. units that attract campers who may not Even though they look like rustic ac- be located next to the companys Con- Peopleareget-own an RV and dont want to tent camp. commodationunits,uniqueaccom- estoga Wagons. tingoutsideandThese specialty lodgingsincluding modationmanufacturersaregetting AtNomadicsTipiMakers,Nicole doing fun stuff witheverything from tipis to yurtscan be creative to meet consumer demand, in- Loffler, founder of the company, con- the family and wantprofitable and offer a chance to add a cluding adding bathrooms and even tinues to tout the addition of a bath- comfortable, unique Alan BairWow! factor to any park. heating and A/C units to canvas cov- room to her tipis. accommodations,Today, campers at parks that offer eredtents,ConestogaWagons and As the glamping trend continues its said Pacific Yurtsfounder Alan Bair. theseuniqueaccommodationunits more.important that even a tipi structure has Here is a look at some of the uniquemay stroll into a scene reminiscent of Jason Olson, the president of Bloom- a bathroom integrated into its design or accommodation providers that WCMa John Ford western film or the roman- ington, Idaho-based Conestoga Wagon located nearby, she said. spoke with.Bushtec Adventure USAwith or without a window Coming on the North American and more luxury inside, he ex-scene just three years ago, Bushtec plained. Adventure USA, based in Atlanta, TheConestogaWagonGa.,offerssafaritentsthatare brand, a trademarked moniker,crafted in South Africa.can even take a snow load dur-The company has been building ing winter months, said Olson.adventure tents for over 50 years, We offer big canvas roofsaccordingtoGaryFlahs,CEOof for use in the winter, he said.Bushtec Adventure USA. Everybody says the exact sameWe sell a high-end product that thing when they walk into a Con-isreallyaimedtowardlong-term estoga Wagon, This is cool! anduse, explained Flahs. Wow, they are so big inside. Conestoga Wagons feature doors and can handle snow. He said the Bushtec Safari brand Bushtec Adventures Delta Zulu 3000 Chalet Olson said the 24-foot by 10-is geared toward resorts.foot wagons have about 200 square feet of living space. Business is good, according to Olson,Theyre luxury tents and we have standard designs all the way up to custom designs, Flah and that has driven the company to look at other types of units it can build, including a new linesaid. We can design and develop whatever the customer wants. From couples tents all the of turnkey shower houses and glamping tents. way up to wedding-venue tents.Our new shower houses can be customized with washable walls, laminate floors and insu-The two biggest sellers are what it calls the Alpha Kilo, which is a 10-foot by 10-foot tent, lation, he said. There will also be a layout that includes three toilets.and then the Delta Zulu Combo, which is a 6-foot by 9-foot tent that attaches to a gazebo.We will also offer three tent kits in 2020, added Olson. They are delivered with the logs and(973) 738-3777 www.bushtecadventureusa.com the canvas and can be customized inside. There is a wood burning stove option, and a bathroomon the other side of the tents wall. These are very high-end tents. Conestoga Wagon Company (307) 277-0525www.conestogawagons.comBloomington, Idaho-based Conestoga Wagon Company has seen significant interest in itsConestoga Wagon unit that it introduced five years ago, and the company is improving its product Eco Structures Australiafor 2020, according to Olson.Josh Bell, U.S. sales manager for Eco Tent Australia, a division of Eco Structures, an Aus-The new wagons will have double hoop canvas domes for insulation, custom wooden doors tralian-based company, said the company provides campground owners with a more sophisti-24 -February 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'