b'cated, engineered modular tent Montana Canvasalternative. Montana Canvas specializes in designing and constructing canvas tents for campground andEcoStructureshasposi- RV park owners. tioned themselves as design ex- CurtDinges,presidentofperts and manufacture tents and Montana Canvas, says he is try-canvasstructuresthatreally ing to dial in the glamping tenttake things to the next level, he segment and is now using moresaid. All our structures are en- industrial grade, waterproof andgineered, and the frames are all mildew resistant fabrics for raingalvanized steel, which are de- flies and screen materials. He issignedtowithstandcategory also working on bonded seamsfive hurricanes. We use top end with no stitching. Eco Tents are engineered to withstand rough weather.canvas and the majority of our Were perfecting a few sizesstuff is designed to be semi-per- thatworkreallywellforthismanent. Its designed to give operators a better return on their investment by having a structure whole glamping industry, said Montana Canvas continues to refine its glamping tents. that has more of a luxury look and less ongoing maintenance costs.Dinges. He stated the Eco Structure tents blend the line between a traditional cabin and a canvas The first is a 12-foot by 14-foot Luxury Modelthat allows campground owners to put in a queen-structure because owners can easily integrate glass doors or insulated hard walls into the units sized bed, along with other furnishings. to make them look and feel more like a cabin. A larger 14-foot by 20-foot Suite Modelthat we debuted at the Kampgrounds of America Inc.(619) 997-5788www.ecostructures.com.au show in November works really well for bunk beds or king- and queen-sized beds and a futon,Dinges explained. It really is trying to dial in a model for a couple with one child or a whole family. Glamping Pods of America Montana Canvas has been around for more than 40 years and was first known as a maker ofJohn Poynor, founder and owner of Noel, Mo.- wall tents for Western outfitters. based Glamping Pods of America, said the company With an initial buy-in of between $2,500 and $3,600 for one Luxury Model tent, its a pretty quickis introducing themed pods in 2020. The themed pods payoff for most campground owners, explained Dinges.will be built with barn wood interiors and will offer I heard from one campground owner that rented a tent for one season and figures he paid itmoreadaptionstoitslargerMegaPods,which off about halfway through the season, he said. Poynor said were popular with park owners.(406) 388-1225www.montanacanvas.comWe get lots of inquiries from people who are ei-ther in the process of starting a glamping park or in Nomadics Tipi Makersthe beginning stages of looking at upgrading to Fromcowboyfrontierthemestoglamping, he said. I think the trend is gaining Nomadics Tipis tipis can Plains Indian inspirations, Loffler saidsteam. feature handmade designs. that Montana-based Nomadic Tipi Mak-The company offers three models to choose from, ers tipis offer all the comforts of home.including the Family, Standardand Mega Pods. Pods Her popular 24-foot and 26-foot floor-can have one queen-sized bed in them, all the way plans have bathroom partitions behindup to pods with multiple beds. Each pod has a knotty the sleeping areas. She does not supplypine exterior, Nordic spruce interior, front deck, vinyl the toilets and fixtures, but the packagewindows, end-wall insulation and laminate flooring.is turnkey and ready to install. Were selling mostly pods that have bathrooms Loffler said that campground ownersGlamping Pods come with a variety of and showers, Poynor explained. must dedicate some site prep to inte-features. (417) 385-1664gratethecompanystipisintotheirwww.glampingpodsofamerica.com parks. WOODALLSCM.com February 2020-25'