b'The tipi comes in parts and you have to build it, she said. portant part of building these tents. People are investing more in the interiors and they want aSite prep can range from basic gravel pads to more elaborate deck systems. The 22-foot tipi product that will stand the test ofis the choice of most campground owners entering the scene, according to Loffler.time. Outstanding Tents are built with wood frames. We call it the campground model for glamping, she said. We are the only tipi maker that We have tents with wood-has that model. New for 2020 we made the door larger and it can be zipped up and locked. We burning stoves and Jacuzzis, sohave an optional interior rain catcher, with a drip pan that drains to the outside for a dry interior.glamping is becoming somethingLoffler said it is ideal for campground owners to create a little village of tipis inside their very luxurious and therefore theparks.tents have to be more durable asFour to five tipis are a good start, she explained. The cost per tipi is about $3,500 to $5,500 well, Van Kooten added.and you can keep them up year-round if you use them. Amold-resistantfabricis(541) 389-3980www.tipi.com usedtocoverthecompanystents, while a protective coverOutstanding Tents made from PVC material offersNetherlands-based Outstanding Tents is a new player in the growing U.S. glamping market, further protection, according topremiering its wood-framed tents at the Glamping Summit/USAlast October.Kooten.The company builds luxury tents that include a wood frame and are built on wood platforms. These tents are built to remain up all year, he said.The companys owner Robin Van Kooten told WCM the company based its tents off an Asian The company also offers owners numerous interior packages, including furniture options,model that was inferior in design. fitted kitchens and complete bathrooms.Most of the materials we use are from the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain and all Jason Higbee, the companys U.S.-based representative, said he initially was drawn to theover Europe, he explained. Therefore, we can guarantee quality, because thats the most im- tents during a family trip to the Netherlands and that the experience pushed him to begin theconversation of bringing the companys glamping tents to the U.S.When we were over there, we could never get a booking, the tents were always full, saidHigbee. I saw a picture that had the logo of the company on it and I went to the office and toldRobin that I thought the tents could do very well in the U.S.(503) 754-0160www.outstandingtent.comPacific YurtsPacific Yurts continues to thrive, according to Alan Bair, owner of the Cottage Grove, Ore.-based company. Largerunitsaretrendingnowour 30-foot models arepopular, he said. Bair stated that his companywasaheadofthecurveonglamping. Weve been selling glampingbefore it was glamping, he ex-plained. New for 2020, Pacific Yurts isexpandingitsuseofthermalpane windows. Campgroundownerscan Pacific Yurts now offers thermal pane windows. order energy efficient windowsfor any of our yurt sizes, said Bair. Being a round structure, we spent some time designing acurved frame. Its also designed for retrofit, so anyone who has our yurts and wants to add ther-mal glass windows can do so. Bair said that his yurts still come in seven sizes, with at least a $30,000 commitment for alarger size. A 30-foot yurt starts at around $12,000.The smallest yurt is in the 12-foot range and starts out at about $5,600. Pacific Yurts also has a new build your own yurt feature on its website. We are really proud of the new website, said Bair. No one else in the industry has it. (541) 942-9435www.yurts.comPlainsCraft Covered WagonsPlainsCraft Covered Wagons was founded in 2018, according to Dennis Steinman, CEO ofthe company. The Le Compton, Kan.-based company builds a 25-foot by 10-foot frontier wagonfor campgrounds. New for 2020, were adding a bathroomoption, said Steinman. Its a full bath with aPlainsCraft wagons can now come with bathrooms. shower, vanity, sink and toilet. Our approachis to do these the way our customer wantsthem. In other words, if they want to do acomposting toilet, we can do that. If theywant a plumbed set up, we can do that forthemwhatever they need. The outside of each wagon is coveredwith canvas that is preshrunk and protectedfrom rot, moisture and UV damage, he said. (785) 748-4588www.plainscraftconestogawagon.comShelter Structures AmericaShelterStructuresAmericaprovidesa Specialty Accommodationscontinued on page 3326 -February 2020 Woodalls Campground Management'